• Messy layout
  • The safety of the service has been questioned


PureVPN is an excellent value for money VPN that is easy to set up. It has recently increased the numbers of logins and you can now use up to ten devices on the same subscription. The provider has been in the business since 2007 and today PureVPN offers you a service with connections to more than 2000 servers across +140 countries.

Similar to its competitors, PureVPN claims to have the fastest servers on the market. In our test, we did not measure the speed in relation to the other providers on the market. Nevertheless, it can be said by our experts that the servers are fast enough to meet most of your VPN-needs.

PureVPN is a good choice if you are searching for the best VPN provider that enables you to enjoy streaming services. By downloading PureVPN’s application to your computer, smartphone, gaming console, etc., you can stream whatever you want. The servers are optimized for streaming services which makes it easy to connect to, for instance, the American streaming service Hulu, Netflix, or Disney+.

The price of PureVPN’s service is in line with its competitors. You can sign up for a monthly subscription and pay the price of approximately 11 US dollars per month. PureVPN also offers you the opportunity to sign up for a 6-month plan to the price of around 8.5 US dollars a month. Yearly subscriptions are also possible and offered at a price that is similar to the other major players on the market.

A positive aspect of PureVPN is that if you for one dollar can enjoy one week-trial period and access all of PureVPN’s features. If you feel like you need an even longer period of time to try out the service, they also has a 31-day money-back guarantee. This enables you to enjoy their VPN for “free”, as you can disrupt the subscription after a month if you do not like their service.

Regarding the privacy and security of the service, PureVPN states on their website that they are not logging their customers’ data. However, this has been questioned. If you are looking for the “safest” VPN-provider on the market, PureVPN is thus probably not the right choice for you as it is unsure whether all of your actions are kept anonymous.

PureVPN has recently updated its features and it is now possible to use their applications on up to ten logins at the same time. This is a relatively high number and an evident advantage of the service.

Despite that PureVPN has updated some of its features in the last few years, the layout of their app is still messy. The app has five main features and navigational options, however, it is difficult to know what feature to use for what and what the implications for the different modes are. What mode should one use for what?

PureVPN, is overall a good VPN service that offers fast servers and enables you to use ten devices at the same time. Nevertheless, for us to give PureVPN a better review, they have to improve the security of the service and the layout of their application.

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