There are many good reasons to use a VPN and many VPN providers on the market. Our experts have reviewed the 10 best VPNs on the market.

Top 10 VPN



  • Few extra features

NordVPN is the best VPN in the world, and it does indeed protect you and your information. There are apps for almost every imaginable device, and you can have six devices connected to the VPN at a time. Just log in to the app, connect to a server and relax, knowing that the military grade encryption makes it all safe. Very easy and very smart!

As something unique, NordVPN allows you to send your internet traffic through not just one, but two VPN servers. It is probably not something you have a great need for every day, but it can be useful if you need to exchange extra sensitive information. And you can safely do that. NordVPN is based in Panama, where neither US nor European authorities have any powers whatsoever. The company does not store any logs at all, and cannot see which websites you have visited, etc.

Some VPNs pack their programs with a truckload of features that the average user will never need. NordVPN has taken a deliberate opt-out of this kind of “noise.” It provides a very user-friendly experience with few settings to decide. Some stored in some sub-menus while others are completely gone.

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  • The servers are not quite as fast as ExpressVPN

CyberGhost gets our silver medal. It has all the features you can expect from a VPN, and the price is reasonable. Use it on all your devices: Windows computers, Mac, Android phones, iPhones, tablets and gaming consols. No matter the device, you are connected to a VPN server with a single push on a button. 

It is simple to connect to servers optimized for different things such as streaming from US Netflix and Hulu. CyberGhost has a vast network of servers around the globe, ensuring you can always get a fast server, no matter the purpose.

When connected to a server, you are protected by 256-bit AES encryption so no one can intercept the data ind information you send and receive.

The company is based in Rumania, so you can rest assured that no logs are kept or shared. The number of connections to each server is logged, but none of it can be traced back to a specific user. Information about which websites you have visited, your search history and your IP address are not saved. All information available to your internet service provider if you don’t use one of the best VPNs.

As mentioned its children play to connect to a fast server. But it’s full of features. With “Smart rules” you can set it up, so your device automatically connects to a VPN when booting. You can protect your wifi, and choose which websites not to be visited through VPN servers.

It can be a useful feature if you want to watch videoes from your home country. Some of them are blocked when you don’t have a local IP address. Remember that your privacy is not protected when you have excluded a website from the VPN server.

In “Connection features” you can enable ad block and block attempts to track your digital footprints. You can also enable a data compression feature to minimize the number of bytes downloaded when browsing the internet.

If there is any trouble, the friendly CyberGhost support team is available round the clock. The support agents are fast typing ninjas!

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  • English support only
  • No TOR compatibility

With Ivacy, you get one of the cheapest solutions on the market if you sign up for a longer deal, which you might as well do, so you can get started with the best VPN and first get your eyes on the benefits of using it. You can be connected to over 100 different locations and have up to 10 devices online at the same time, which provides an opportunity for the entire household to use VPN simultaneously.

Speed is top of mind with this solution, and in several different tests, including at where Ivacy comes in first place in terms of speed, when compared to the other major players in the market. So it is a quick solution you get here for very low amount of money. Moreover, they have apps not only for Mac and Windows, but also for iOS, Android, PS4 and e.g. Linux so everyone can join.

You can access BBC iPlayer, Disney +, Amazon Prime, Hulu as well as the 7 major Netflix regions USA, France, Japan, UK, Australia, Germany as well as Canada and much more. There are no limits to the capabilities of Ivacy, and also they have no logs which makes it safe and anonymous to use.

In addition, they have a 30 day money back guarantee, which ensures you can get your money back if the product does not work as intended.
All this you can get for less than $1,5 a month if you sign a long agreement. If you only want to pay month to month, it costs $7,5 per month.

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  • Only usable on three devices at a time

In recent years there has been a lot of tests that compared the speed of VPN-servers. In all of them, ExpressVPN gets a high score, and that is one of the reasons why we call ExpressVPN the best VPN provider in the world. Regardless of what you use the VPN for, it got you covered.

Among other things we love the build in speed test, that tells you which of the many servers you should connect to. If you, for example, want to stream US Netflix you choose the United States from the server list and run the speed test. A moment later you get a list of the fastest American servers, so you can connect to the fastest of them all and get a lag free Netflix experience.

The simplicity of the software is terrific. Users don’t face endless complicated choices. When Combined with the fast servers it’s the big difference between ExpressVPN and the competitors. It is simple and straightforward.

It is easy to set up on every device. It protects you and your information. There are no logs on your internet activity or the servers you are connected to. The connection between you and the servers are encrypted so no information or data can be compromised.

We are disappointed by the fact that it only can be used on three devices on a single subscription. It is fewer than most VPN providers. However, it is not enough to change the overall review: If you want a fast and easy to use VPN, choose ExpressVPN. You can get your money back the first 30 days if you re not satisfied.

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  • Supports many devices
  • Servers optimized for streaming US Netflix, Hulu, and other services
  • A lot of servers in more than 140 countries
  • Apps have a messy look
  • Some features are hidden

An excellent basic, value for money VPN that is easy to set up. With more than 2.000 servers in more than 140 countries, PureVPN has a lot of use cases. Use it for all the VPN tricks in the book.

Like all their competitors PureVPN claims to have the fastest servers. We have not done a comparable speed test, but we know the servers are fast enough.

The Hong Kong-based VPN provider makes it a piece of cake to connect to servers optimized for streaming. Under Popular websites” you can choose Netflix US, Hulu and BBC among others.

PureVPN is available on most devices, and a subscription covers up to five devices. The layout of apps is messy. It’s confusing that the features depend on the selected VPN mode (streaming/internet freedom/security/file-sharing).

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  • Privacy policy is low on details
  • Support site not so user friendly

Surfshark VPN is a new player on the market, who focus on safety and entertainment! If you have a Netflix account, you can use Surfshark to access the Netflix library in 15 different countries. So if you need a VPN for streaming, Surfshark offers you help, and opens up a lot of content that you don’t have the opportunity to see in many locations.

In addition, Surfshark VPN offers that you can get a “kill switch”, which we are quite happy with. This VPN service differs in their efforts to create the most privacy for users and their successful attempts to block censorship in multiple countries.

  • Must comply with American legislation
  • Supported operating systems are limited to Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux
  • Few features

The name tells a lot. Privacy is one of the most essential things for PIA (as the company calles itself). It is a great starting point for a VPN-provider as privacy is a primary reason to buy a VPN.

Despite the good intentions PIA is a semi-good product compared to the competitors mentioned above. It protects and anonimises your internet activity, but that is basically it. We miss the icing on the cake. Something to make it more than an adequate VPN. The x-factor in lack of a better expression.

It’s a plus that you can use Private Internet Access on ten devices with a single subscription, but the list with supported devices isn’t that impressive.

As far as privacy goes PIA use a lot of reassuring words. Information is not stored or shared. But the fact is that the company has to comply with American legislation. We have no reason not to believe PIA, but why take the risk? We all know that digital privacy isn’t the main focus for agencies such as FBI, CIA and Homeland Security. What can they get, after a visit to Private Internet Acess with a warrant and ramblings about national security?

There is a lot of other VPN providers based in countries where authorities don’t have that kind of snooping powers.

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  • Too many subscription plans
  • No 24-hour customer service chat

This is an atypical VPN that has privacy protection as the primary focus. For years, Proton has delivered perhaps the world’s best known, encrypted email service. In other words, it is a company that lives and breathes privacy.

Proton VPN is available in different price ranges that are slightly confusing. But no matter which subscription you choose, the software is easy to use. The main reason is that all servers are shown on a world map that makes it easier to understand how your device is connected to one of the servers. And it makes it simple to see which servers you can connect to.

Proton is a Swiss based company, so due to the stringent privacy laws, you can be sure that your privacy will be protected no matter what.

The “Secure Core” feature sends your internet traffic through multiple servers. Grear from a privacy and security standpoint, but sometimes not from a speed point of view. Sometimes the extra security layer makes your internet connection slow.

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  • Based in the US
  • Sometimes the servers are slow

An easy to understand name for a simple VPN. The apps have an excellent design that makes it fast and easy for users to connect to servers. Click on a button, and you are connected – knowing that you can browse securely and privately.

Or can you? IP Vanish is based in the US, and even though the company promises there are no logs we are a bit worried. It is nice to know that IPVanish will fight for privacy but its not enough for us.

We might be paranoid but why choose an American VPN provider when there are a lot of alternatives where privacy is protected by law?

IP Vanish claims to have the fastest servers in the world; however it was not what we experienced.

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  • Keeps logs of some personal information and can be forced to share them with authorities
  • Few servers

Hide My Ass (HMA) is a British VPN company with a bold claim to be the best in the word. However, there are warning bells against that statement.

HMA has been around for quite some time. The number of servers isn’t that impressive, but they work as intended. HMA also claims to be the only VPN optimized for streaming. If you have read just a fraction of the reviews on this very page, you know that’s not the case.

But the big no-no is in the terms and privacy policy of HMA. Compared to other VPN providers a lot of personal information is logged, and ultimately it can be handed over to the authorities.

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Why you should use a VPN

With a VPN you become entirely anonymous on the internet, so information about our online behavior not can be traced back to you by your internet service provider and others. It gets harder for Google and companies alike to build a profile on you, hackers can’t steal your information, and you can use internet based services without geographical restrictions. Use a VPN stream from US Netflix, the American streaming service Hulu, the iPlayer from BBC and many more. If you don’t know a lot about VPN connections, one might think that it is just people with something to hide that make use of a VPN connection. This is not the case. With a VPN connection like the one you can get at Flow VPN, you can create a safe point-to-point-connection when you go online, which is useful in many contexts.

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network, and you can, e.g., use your VPN connection when you want to check out webpages with sensitive information. Some are okay with checking their online banking or electronic inboxes at home, while others appreciate a bit of extra security.

Common to everyone is that if you want to check those types of sensitive websites outside of your home, it can be a good idea to check that your connection is secure. That can, for instance, be if you log onto Wi-Fi on a train, at a hotel, when travelling abroad or a public network such as a hospital or a large educational establishment.

We have reviewed the ten best VPN providers on the market on

What is a VPN?

VPN is short for virtual private network. To understand what is it and how it keeps you safe and anonymous we must first look at how the internet works when you don’t use a VPN:

Your computer, smartphone or whatever device you use to access the internet has a unique ID number called an IP address, and it can be used by your internet service provider and authorities to trace all your internet activity back to you. When you open a website or an app, your device creates a connection to a server. The IP address of your device is stored on the server.

In general, all the information shared between your device and the server is not encrypted. In theory, it means that anyone with technical knowledge can intercept the information because it’s not transformed into an almost unbreakable code.

When you connect to a VPN server a lot is different. Instead of your own IP address being sent to the server, it’s the IP-address of the server that is used. It means that you, from a technical point of view, become invisible on the internet because your IP address is not stored on servers around the world.

So your internet service provider and others can’t see the websites you have accessed in the activity can’t be traced back to you. If you connect to a VPN server in the US, you will get an American IP address making it possible to access otherwise geo-restricted content such as American Netflix.

Furthermore, all information shared between your device and servers gets encrypted transforming them into a kind of coded messages that hackers and others alike can’t break.

When you are connected to a VPN, all information you sent and receive is encrypted so no one can read them.

Who should use a VPN?

It is not only conspiracy nuts and people preparing for the apocalypse who need a VPN. For regular people there are three main reasons:

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about hackers from all over the world getting their hands on private information. Cybercrime, in general, is on the rise so in Europe and the US there is a tendency towards letting law enforcement agencies have access to data from and to citizens not suspected of any crimes.

A VPN connection encrypts the information, so it remains private from hackers and any other that might try to intercept your data.

The third main argument is that a VPN can be used to bypass geo-restrictions by giving your device an IP address that appears to originate from another country. That way you can enjoy content on streaming services not normally available to you such as US Netflix or some of the best British tv on the free BBC iPlayer

Yes, it’s 100 percent legal to use all VPN features. The VPN providers on this list are well known and respected companies. Is it also permitted to use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions.

Use the trial period

All VPN providers have a trial period however the length of it varies from provider to provider. In this period you can get the full subscription price refunded. Use the trail to evaluate the VPN on user-friendliness, server speed, and features.

Remember that a VPN will always have an impact on your internet speed so try connecting to servers in countries close to the one you are in – except when you need a server in a specific country. In most VPN software you can do a ping test to find the fastest servers.

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  1. What is a VPN?

    VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is a method that connects your computer or phone to another computers network, also called a server. This means that you can browse the internet ???? safely and anonymously as if you were located in the country the server is connected to ????

  2. Why do I need a VPN?

    A VPN connection works like a virtual tunnel, where all traffic that is sent through the tunnel becomes encrypted, and thereby invisible for everyone wishing to access this, for instance, hackers, your ISP, the government or other curious people. You can feel safe that you will not be attacked when you are using a VPN. On top of the increased security and anonymity, a VPN also gives you access to geo-blocked content, so you can, for instance, watch US Netflix while sitting in another country.

  3. What does a VPN typically cost?

    A VPN connection typically costs between $5 and $12 per month. The prices depend on the subscription you choose. The longer the subscription, the lower the price.