• Only English-speaking customer service
  • Sometimes difficulties streaming Netflix


Ivacy is a strong competitor to both ExpressVPN and CyberGhost. In many VPN reviews the service has been titled as the winner when it comes to speed. Also, the VPN provider offers one of the cheapest VPN services on the market, and allows the subscriber to be connected with up to ten devices simultaneously.

Try Ivacy 30 days money back guarantee

If you would like to first try out their service before signing up for a subscription, you can take part in their 30-days money-back guarantee. Test the service for free in a month period and enjoy connecting to their + 1000 servers.

Similar to other VPN providers, Ivacy is a safe option for the user who wants to browse anonymously. Ivacy is not logging your traffic or session data. It is therefore not collecting information regarding your online activity such as from what country you are connecting from. To use the service you only need to write your e-mail address and this will be deleted within a 12-month period of inactivity.

Ivacy is famous for providing its customers with high speed servers. For instance, Ivacy was named the winner in terms of speed in the test made by proprivacy.com where they compared Ivacy with other big players on the VPN market. It is therefore possible to say that Ivacy offers a quick solution to a low price.

The Ivacy VPN service is easy to use and offers a clean designed interface. The app of the service provides the subscriber with eight different options for navigation. Some of the main features of the app are the options Streaming, Unblocking, and Secure Download.

You can download and use Ivacy’s VPN app on all types of devices such as Android, Linux, gaming consoles, iPhone. It is easy to use if you want to stream Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and much more. In addition, you can use up to ten devices at the same time, which is one of the highest numbers on the market. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that other providers, such as ExpressVPN, are even more convenient for this purpose. For instance, when we tried out the service, there sometimes occurred some issues when trying to connect to Netflix, particularly the American version. This is one of the reasons why Ivacy is given third place in our review even though the service is significantly cheaper than ExpressVPN and CyberGhost.

Another disadvantage of the service is the fact that they only have a customer service that speaks English. However, the overall review of Ivacy is still that the VPN service offers a clean, fast, and hassle-free service to customers seeking a cheap and functioning VPN provider.

ivacy vpn servers

Download and software installation process

The company is based in Singapore and have been on an incredible journey since the beginning back in 2007. In 2012 the first milestone of 1 million users was reached and since then, their loyal userbase has been growing.

After having chosen the pricing plan you want to go with, you will be able to download the software. The file is quiet small, so the download process is quickly complete.

The software guides you through the installation process, and in few minutes you will be able to log in with your Ivacy credentials and reach this start screen.

Ivacy VPN

Country or city to choose from

The start window shows where you are located in the world and has a big on/off switch, so you never will be in doubt about, wether you are connected or not.

Before connecting you can choose between a country or a city to connect from. Ivacy has 41 countries to choose from, but not all has more cities to choose from. However United States which is on the preferred VPN server destinations in Europe has 13 different cities to choose from.

ivacy vpn smart connect

The location function is very intuitive and makes it easy for the user to connect to the preferred location. Once a location has been chosen, you simply click the connect button and Ivacy will connect you in very short time.

There is also the possibility to choose ‘Automatic’, where you are not prohibited to chose a specific location. This enables the user to quickly be connected to a secure server and thereby keep your activity safe.

Security is 1st priority

A VPN can be used for many purposes, but Ivacy have made it sure, that whatever the purpose is, they will keep you protected. In order to live up to that, Ivacy uses a 256-BIT encryption, which is on the same level as they military uses.

Ivacy is therefor suggested whenever you are using a connection, that might be compromised. If you are sitting at a café, the Wi-Fi hotspot can be used of many people, making it an unsecure connection.

Even if you are sitting at home on your own connection you might not be entirely safe. you internet connection might be safe, but when browsing around the internet, a lot of companies are keeping a track of you. And the data they collect about you can be sold to third parties. Ivacy has a no log policy, which means they protect your privacy online.

Protect all your devices

Since security is the main objective, it’s important that you can protect your online activity across multiple devices. With an Ivacy subscription you are able to use up to 10 devices on a single subscription.

And the software works across all major platform, so you can have your smartphone, computer, router or even television covered at the same time.

If you don’t have the use to cover that many devices, you can use the subscription to help your closest one stay safe when navigating online.

A speedtest reveal the performance

If you invest in a new VPN service, we recommend that you compare the ones on the market, and run a speedtest when you connect to a new server. In this way you can determine wether the connection live up to your standard. Or maybe you should try a city, that might have better connection.

Some of the best VPN services has problem with supplying a fast enough connection. When testing Ivacy on local ground we only saw a drop of 5% in the connection speed. We ran a speedtest with and without the Ivacy server to compare results.

Optimised for streaming

There is a section in the Ivacy software that is committed to streaming. A lot of people use a VPN service to unlock the full potential of the streaming services they are paying for.

When navigating to the streaming section, you will be presented with +60 streaming providers. For some of the services you will need a membership to watch, such as Hulu, Netflix, etc. But you can also be enabled to watch several other free channels from the streaming section.

Additional features

Besides the before mentioned features you also get a bundle of other features to secure your online activity, when opting for Ivacy.

Internet kill switch, dedicated IP and split tunneling is just some of the additional features you get to stay safe.

Customer support

Our experiences with the customer support of Ivacy has been satisfyingly as we have had our questions answered within reasonable time.

We did however hoped, that they could be able to help in more languages, than just English. For some users it might be a hurdle to get tech-heavy questions solved if you aren’t fluent in English.

ivacy customer support

Prices and subscriptions

By signing up for a 2-year subscription, you can enjoy the VPN service for a price that is as low as 2,25 US dollars per month. You can also sign up for either a month and pay 9,95 US dollars, or for a year and pay the price of 3,50 US dollar. In comparison to the other major actors on the VPN providers market, this is a really low price.

As the title of this review reveal, we are working with some very favourable prices when looking at Ivacy subscriptions.

If you compare to NordVPN which is a fairly priced service, then there is definitely some money so save with Ivacy. You can chose from a 1-month, 1-year, 2-year or a 5-year plan. When opting for the 5-year plan you can get the subscription for as low as 1.16 USD a month.

Ivacy prices


Ivacy VPN offers you safety and privacy at a low cost. VpnXpert.com could ask more from Ivacy when it comes to design and user experience, but the end conclusion most be, that the service is very great at the low cost you can purchase it for.

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