• User-friendly
  • Values the privacy of its customers
  • Has its HQ in Switzerland
  • The servers are sometimes slow
  • Is not offering customer support 24/7
  • You only get access to all servers and features at the highest pay level


The VPN provider ProtonVPN is one of the easiest to use VPN services available. ProtonsVPN’s main focus lies in protecting the privacy of its customers. For years, ProtonVPN has delivered perhaps the world’s best known encrypted email service. In other words, it is a company that lives and breathes privacy.

ProtonVPN values its customers’ privacy and is not logging or tracking any of its customers’ internet activity and data. Also, the application and one of its features “Secure Core” sends your internet traffic through multiple servers. This is great from a privacy and security point of view. Nevertheless, this sometimes makes the internet connection slow.

The company is based in Switzerland which is a country that has some of the world’s strongest privacy laws. As ProtonVPN is headquartered in Switzerland it also means that it is outside of EU and US jurisdiction. These are just some of the reasons why it is possible to state that ProtonVPN offers one of the most secure VPN services and that ProtonVPN is safe.

Except for the fact that ProtonVPN servers sometimes are slow due to the high security, another disadvantage is that the company has a confusing pricing list. This means that it can be difficult to know what membership and subscriptions to choose. For instance, it is possible to subscribe for free, yet, the features that you in that case get are few. The more you pay, the more generous features are added and unlocked. Overall, the service is anyway more than great, and regardless of what membership you choose, you will receive an excellent VPN service.

As ProtonVPN offers different subscription options, the functions of the service differ depending on what membership you choose. ProtonVPN has one of the best free options available on the market and allows free subscribers to use unlimited amounts of data. Yet, the free subscription has several limitations. By signing up for the free subscription, you can only have three VPN server locations (which is a very low number) and you can solely be connected with one device at a time.

By buying ProtonVPN’s Plus service you can easily take advantage of streaming services all around the world. The VPN service allows you to access, for instance, American Netflix and the British BBC iPlayer.

A clear disadvantage of ProtonVPN is its poor customer service. Big VPN providers, such as ExpressVPN, offer customer service 24/7 and answer your questions within minutes. This is not the case with ProtonVPN. It can take up to 1-2 days until the customer replies to your wonderings and complaints.

Moreover, it should also be noted that the service in comparison to its competitors has fewer servers. The service allows you to access around 850 servers in approximately 50 countries. Concerning this, it should also be said that the servers are not always the fastest. Thus, if you are looking for a VPN with the highest speed, you should probably look for another VPN provider.

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