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The Best VPN Providers of 2024

Here’s a quick overview of our favorite VPN providers for 2024:

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Tired of reading identical, sponsored VPN reviews? If so, vpnXpert is here for the rescue. Although we’re an affiliate site, we don’t try to beat around the bush and butter the most renowned VPN providers up. All our reviews are totally unbiased and based on our actual experience.


How We Review VPNs

We take our job here at vpnXpert very seriously. That is why each VPN we review goes through a meticulous testing process. Here are some of the key areas we evaluate when reviewing VPN providers.


We evaluate each VPN’s security level, looking at its encryption protocols, kill switch performance, and other security measures each VPN service provides.

Number of Servers

We delve deep into each service’s server infrastructure, including the number of servers and locations, their speeds, and security levels.

Ease of Use

We take user experience very seriously, making it a crucial factor during testing. This includes VPN’s interface, device compatibility, and overall performance.


A VPN is only as good as its features, which is why we thoroughly test and evaluate available tools, such as ad blockers, P2P support, and streaming or gaming capabilities.

Customer Support

We always put each VPN’s customer support to the test, ensuring it offers fast response time across various channels and that the information it provides is thorough and reliable.

Value for Money

We thoroughly check each subscription plan to see whether a VPN provider doesn’t try to scam new users and to help our users find the most cost-efficient solution for their needs.


More Than VPN Reviews

vpnXpert.com is much more than just VPN reviews. Besides testing and evaluating top VPN providers, we also specialize in cyber security as a whole. Visit our blog to learn more about VPNs, security tips, and much more.


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If you, like many others, have trouble navigating the complex landscape of the VPN industry, vpnXpert.com is here to help. As an independent reviewer, vpnXpert doesn’t try to pull the wool on your ears, providing you with a complete picture of each VPN service provider we review.

Browse our top VPN reviews, quickly compare various VPN services, and learn more about the VPN niche from our blog. With our help, you’ll be able to find the best VPN service for your needs, boosting your online security, privacy, and experience.

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