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Private Internet Access – Review 2023

The fact that PIA is emphasizing privacy is a great starting point, as privacy often is a primary reason to buy a VPN. PIA is one of the best VPN services available on the market. Nevertheless, in comparison to other providers, it offers nothing extra. Consequently, it is a service that we can just rank as semi-good even though it does have thousands of available servers and an easy-to-use app.

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Plenty of opportunities at affordable prices

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network, and it is important for your security online. A VPN connection is a smart way to hide your activities, so you can browse anonymously and safely without anyone being able to know what you are doing online.

More and more people experience getting taken advantage of or monitored online – and this is what a VPN can make more difficult – and, depending on what you use it for – impossible. Imagine, for instance, you are sitting at a public café with a free Wi-Fi connection that is not anonymous, private or encrypted. This makes it easy as pie for a good hacker to gain access to your computer and the information you have stored on it, which the hacker can then misuse or use to blackmail you. A VPN connection makes this a concern of the past.

One of the best VPN connections is Private Internet Access that, with its many features at affordable prices, gives you everything you could wish for in a VPN connection.

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A VPN connection with the most important features

Private Internet Access is a VPN provider from the US. Private Internet Access were established in 2010 and contain plenty of great features that makes them a particularly attractive VPN provider.

For instance, they have a so-called zero-log policy, which means that Private Internet Access has no data on you when you use their encrypted connection – the data is simply unavailable for both curious eyes and the technicians at Private Internet Access. There is maximum security when it comes to protecting your privacy. If one or more of them asks for information on you, Private Internet Access can simply not give it away because they are not in possession of it.

Private Internet Access’ servers and geoblocking

Private Internet Access have about 34,000 servers in 70 countries, so there is rich opportunity of finding a great connection with high speed in a country where you do not want to get stopped by geo-blocking. When it comes to geo-blocking, Private Internet Access are far ahead since they, despite Netflix’ strict geo-blocking, still have found a way of accessing Netflix in the US. Moreover, Private Internet Access also gives you access to Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu and Amazon Prime in other countries. 

Installation and availability

There are plenty of opportunities for connection since Private Internet Access is available with both Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android, so you can always use your VPN connection on the go. A single subscription for Private Internet Access gives you access to the applications of up to 10 different devices so you can browse anonymously and safely on all your gadgets. Furthermore, Private Internet Access have browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

A VPN connection will almost always make your internet slightly slower than if you would be browsing without it. This is true of all VPN services, though. But how fast is a VPN connection from Private Internet Access, then? Private Internet Access generally provide high-speed connections. However, if the speed is of utmost importance for you, there are better alternatives out there. Private Internet Access’ connections are still competitive, and unless you are downloading large files, you can be pretty sure that Private Internet Access will cover your needs.

Private Internet Access prices

The prices for Private Internet Access will vary depending on the subscription you choose. There is a lot of money to save if you sign up for a VPN connection for one or more years. Here, you will get a monthly fee of €2.50 (for a two-year-long subscription) or €3.10 (for a yearly subscription). If you only need a VPN connection for a short period of time, it is slightly more expensive even though it is still affordable and competitive when looking at the features. A monthly connection costs €9.29. These prices are very average for VPN subscriptions, so you should not worry that you are paying too much. You are not.

Private Internet Access prices

The verdict

All in all, you could say that a VPN is crucial when wanting to be secure online, be anonymous and protect valuable data. Private Internet Access is a solid choice – both for new and experienced VPN users, and the service offers a lot at a competitive price. Private Internet Access has received many good reviews from many different and trustworthy online reviewers. Most rate Private Internet Access at the top, especially when it comes to their privacy policy and user-friendliness. The only small nuisance is that Private Internet Access has a connection that is slightly slower than their competitors. This is, however, not a problem unless you need your VPN to handle very large files. It can be concluded that Private Internet Access is an amazing VPN with an affordable price with many essential features that we can only recommend.

FAQ – Private Internet Access

  1. Can I try Private Internet Access for free?

    Yes, there is a free trial period of seven days for both Android and iOS, so you can test the Private Internet Access VPN and its features and performance for free.

  2. Can I get my money back for Private Internet Access?

    Yes, within 30 days you can get your money back. You thus have ample opportunity to test the connection before you commit for a longer period of time. If you are dissatisfied, you will simply get your money back.

  3. Which Private Internet Access membership gives me the best value for my money?

    The best value can be found in Private Internet Access' two-year subscription, which offers the largest discount based on monthly payment. This subscription allows you to use all the benefits of Private Internet Access every month for less than the price of a cup of coffee.