• Privacy challenges
  • Too low-speed for gamers

Cheap VPN provider

ZenMate is a cheap solution to your problem of torrenting and geolocation. As the service is German, there is a focus on the European and North American customers. Compared to the major VPN services, ZenMate is really cheap and offers a great service in these two areas. They also have no unfortunate history of major leaks. On the contrary, they have good and stable security. ZenMate is therefore a great VPN choice for anyone who wants to benefit from a VPN at a very low price.

It is, of course, also possible to download a free version that works just fine. You will get a significantly lower speed, though, and you will only be able to use 4 countries. You will still benefit from the no logging policy that ZenMate is known for, however. As a free version, it works perfectly fine, but you are only allowed to peek through the keyhole to the great and comprehensive service that ZenMate is. Also, not all platforms are covered – only Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

Try now 7-day trial period

All the benefits of a ZenMate customer

You can try out their 7-day trial period. With this, you will get all the benefits of a ZenMate customer, without having to pay. You can also order a subscription, which can be cancelled with a refund within a month, should you be dissatisfied with the service.

All the well-known platforms are available when you use their service, which means that you can keep using the service you are most used to and comfortable with. And most importantly, you do not risk DNS leaks where your VPN tunnel is insecure. ZenMate monitors your location and any hazards.

ZenMate servers

On the many platforms, ZenMate allows you to anonymise your actions when you go online. They are especially focused on making your use of servers abroad secure and user-friendly. ZenMate is therefore brilliant if you want to use Netflix US, for example.

ZenMate Pro also comes with a feature where your location stays the same every time you use your browser. If you want your IP address operating by default from a specific country, then you can.

If you acquire ZenMate, the purpose is often primarily to download torrents and stream from other servers in other countries. However, the service can easily be used for more than that. Their anonymisation of your IP address gives you a good opportunity to surf privately online. ZenMate has also received good reviews in countries with censorship.

Zenmate VPN servers

Privacy and security

ZenMate has a serious no logging policy. There should be no traces that can be traced when trawling around online. They do not store any data that hackers can access. All your activity is therefore completely your own, which no one – not even ZenMate – has data of. It has its obvious advantages. In addition to this, you can get an adblocker in your subscription, so you will not only get rid of ads based on your data, but get rid of ads in your feed completely.

In addition to having a strict no logging policy, ZenMate also has a kill switch. If this is used, you should be in a situation where your VPN suddenly does not work. It could be that your IP address is being hacked or investigated. Here, the kill switch will automatically alert you. Hackers or other curious people will not be able to access your data, even if they should be able to find you. Of course, it is also possible to turn off the kill switch if you do not want to use it.


For streaming or torrenting, ZenMate has an astonishingly high speed. However, it is reduced when the IP address changes country. However, the lower speed will not affect your streaming nor torrenting, but gaming will be close to impossible with the big delay.

With such a low price, you do not really notice that it costs a little extra every month, if you only need to use the service to access streaming services from a foreign IP address.

Website and support

Support on ZenMate’s side has had difficulties in the past. However, it now has both a live chat and a contact form with a very fast response time – within 24 hours. That should be enough, even when the question is demanding and you need an answer right away.

ZenMate VPN Prices

The prices of ZenMate go all the way down to less than 2 Euros per month. This should be possible to squeeze in every month, even on a tight budget. Especially when you can use an unlimited number of devices. When you use your phone, computer, tablet, etc., you avoid having to look over your shoulder or be afraid that your movements will be followed by people who want to snoop around in your private affairs.

With such a low price, it is suddenly very easy and straightforward to stream from another VPN. This will be attractive to many users.

Zenmate prices

The verdict

All in all, ZenMate is cheap, good and effective. If you “just” need a VPN anonymisation for torrenting or streaming, it would be a perfect choice. It is also very simple and easy to use.

FAQ – ZenMate

  1. Is ZenMate secure?

    ZenMate has a zero-logging policy and also makes use of some really good encryption protocols. This means that you can be safe when you use ZenMate to go online. ZenMate does also not track your behaviour when using their VPN.

  2. Why should I choose ZenMate?

    You should choose this service for several reasons: Because you want protection, want to anonymise your journey online, want to download torrents, want to stream and want to do it all at one of the lowest prices you can find on the market.

  3. Which streaming services can I use with ZenMate?

    Of the major services: Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Comedy Central and many other providers.

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