• Slower speed
  • Poor opportunity for torrenting

VyprVPN provides top security

They are especially known for their high security and competitive prices. With a location in Switzerland, you also avoid having to doubt whether you can trust that your data will not be passed on if requested. This may be the case in some countries where they have a 14 Eyes surveillance alliance.

However, VyprVPN can do more than “just” provide top security that their competitors do not always match. With VyprVPN, you get great opportunity to stream, but not the best options for torrenting. You can cross a lot of country borders very easily by simply using VyprVPN as you please. It is well-crafted and good.

Back to security, you will probably not find many VPNs that have the same level of high standard. VyprVPN’s long time in the industry has made them specialists in no logging and in creating VPN tunnels that are not hacked. You will generally be able to feel safe and surf around on a lot of servers without suddenly having your data sold or stolen.

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Ease of use

As a user, you will love VyprVPN for several reasons. You get many countries to choose from, 70+. You get over 700 servers. And the settings via their app are actually simple and straightforward to navigate.

In addition to this, a wealth of different services can be streamed. The big services include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC UK, Apple TV, Disney + and the like. For a large proportion of those mentioned, however, it will not be possible to stream the European versions, which may be a disadvantage for some users.

Privacy and security

Security-wise, VyprVPN is, as always, at the very top. It has a Chameleon feature installed to bypass the barriers to government intervention in your private Internet use. This means that VyprVPN can be used in Iran, Russia, China etc. The security allows the service to camouflage itself according to its surroundings and provides 256-bit protocol. Together with OpenVPN, it provides top-tuned security where a lot of things have to go wrong before your data would end up in the wrong hands.

You get WireGuard as one of the security programs that follows you. VyprVPN also owns their own servers, so your data does not have to pass through a third party. That should be the standard for a VPN service, but if you take a closer look, several services actually make your data pass through other servers owned by a third party. This has its obvious challenges that you will simply have to live with if your VPN service does not live up to that standard.

Another often-criticised security point for VPN services is DNS leakage. Here, VyprVPN is doing really well and has no history of DNS leaks at all.

With VyprVPN, your data is neither stored at the IP address nor in the Golden Frogs database. They have a very strict no logging policy. They also have a kill switch, so you will be warned when there is a danger ahead. It could, for example, be that your VPN connection is weak or stops working for whatever reason.

VyprVPN servers


The speed is decent. However, they have a hard time keeping up with the top among their strong competitors. They are often criticised for lagging behind in speed. However, the speed is actually not that bad. The reason for the criticism is that VyprVPN is a good VPN service and an old service that one may tend to have very high expectations of.

Website and support

The support at VyprVPN works flawlessly. There is a good live chat where they respond quickly. In addition to this, you can search for your problem and perhaps find the solution on your own. This is quite excellent and standard for similar services of the same quality. However, you do not have to search hard among other VPN services to find ones that are placed at the very opposite end.

The price

The price is also quite reasonable, especially if you choose the long solution. If you are not quite sure that the service does what you want it to do, you can download a trial period of 30 days. However, just remember that you must unsubscribe from your subscription in due time to avoid getting charged. The 30 days will give you a good amount of time to try the many services that VyprVPN offers.

Price wise, VyprVPN scores a really good grade. It is, in fact, at the very low end if you commit to a three-year subscription. If you do not, you will still receive a start-up bonus. Then the price will be approx. DKK 40. It is not cheap, but also not the most expensive compared to other VPN services. If you commit to three years, the price is really good – even compared to the strongest competitors.

VyprVPN prices


  1. Is VyprVPN worth spending money on?

    Very simply put, yes. If you do not have a VPN at all, their service will be a great place to start. If you already have one, switching to VyprVPN would make sense if you want better security and probably more streaming options. Security in particular is an area where VyprVPN is worth keeping an eye on. You get more and better security than you probably need, if you are merely looking for a service to stream from. However, this is only a plus, as it means you will be extra secure in case anyone should be interested in tracking your movements.

  2. Can I use the Chameleon feature for anything?

    Yes, the Chameleon feature generally makes your journey safer online. Should you be in a country with censorship, you will also benefit from being able to use the strong security for something as simple as logging on to dr.dk.

  3. Why is VyprVPN more secure than other VPN services?

    VyprVPN has many years in the industry and is known for breaking through the wall when it comes to censorship states. It takes a huge amount of expertise to be able to navigate around censorship. In addition to this, they have been refining their safety for many years. It provides a top-secure VPN service.

The verdict

VyprVPN is great if you want good security. They are also known for breaking through state censorship barricades. There are many streaming options.

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