• Fast servers
  • 84 locations
  • Can unblock access to US Netflix and Amazon Prime Video as well as other streaming services when abroad
  • Unlimited free bandwidth
  • It is not possible to get customer support
  • There is no specific information on connection security
  • P2P type VPN – you share your resources with other users

Urban VPN

If you have considered using Urban VPN, you can, based on the review here, decide whether this VPN is suitable for you and your needs.

Urban VPN is 100% free, fast and not least anonymous. These are three factors that Urban VPN attaches great importance to in their marketing and on their website. Currently, they have no less than 84 VPN locations – for example in North America, Asia, Central America, Europe and more. In addition to getting a lightning-fast and anonymous VPN, you are also guaranteed a secure VPN service if you choose Urban VPN.

You can therefore be sure that your data is protected and your identity is encrypted with a DNS/IPv6 protection, which takes care of replacing your actual IP with an anonymous IP from one of Urban VPN’s servers.

Get Urban VPN for free

Where can I use Urban VPN?

You can use Urban VPN for free for Windows, Android, Mac, PC and iPhone, Instagram, Netflix, Twitter and many other platforms. Urban VPN has been on the market since 2018. Urban VPN is also a subsidiary of Urban Cyber ​​Security, which is one of the most reliable and secure virtual networks in the world.

Today, there are over 30 experts employed in the company, each with a background in both IT, security and secure browsing. You are therefore guaranteed a high quality and not least safety, because the team behind the service is both experienced and competent in the subject. If you need guidance, or have practical questions about Urban VPN, you can always contact them to hear more about their popular VPN service.

Encryption and features

We have already touched upon encryption, but it is interesting to take a closer look at the features Urban VPN offers. Based on encryption, it is important to be aware that Urban uses a peer-to-peer network that is comparable to the one Hola uses, for example. If you choose Denmark as the location, you can, as previously mentioned, replace your IP address with an IP address that you choose from the geographical location. It is therefore ultimately entirely up to you which IP address you want to choose while you are in Denmark. Whichever you choose, Urban takes care of protecting your data.

Another benefit of choosing Urban as your preferred VPN service is that they constantly test the service and add new features where it makes sense. That way, you are guaranteed a great VPN experience that has been thoroughly tested and upgraded wherever possible.

Among other things, this has meant that the service today has over several million users worldwide who make use of the free VPN functions that come with the package from Urban. This means that there are many good reasons to consider a VPN from Urban, if you want to keep your privacy more confidential and protect your data

As cybercrime and online advertising become more widespread, there may be an increasing need for protection. Therefore, there are many benefits to using a VPN that can enable the privacy of your browser by keeping your IP address anonymous.

Price – why is Urban VPN free?

Now, you may be wondering why Urban offers a free VPN when VPN services cost money with many other providers. This is because Urban is P2P-driven, which means all users help each other remove the block by sharing their network resources. In addition to this, Urban will never change their non-commercial purpose with the service, which for many users is a big plus. If you are interested in knowing more about how they manage to protect your IP address and data, you can always read more in their privacy policy.

It is important to note here that the free version is best for those who only use VPN to a lesser extent.

How to download Urban VPN

Fortunately, downloading Urban VPN is quite easy and straightforward. However, you need to decide for yourself where and how you want to use it. As we have already mentioned, you can download it for Netflix and other streaming services if you would like access to US Netflix. Here, it is just important that you choose the right country. Then click on ‘free download’, after which the installation will start. Remember that you can download your Urban VPN to all your devices.

As icing on the cake, Urban is generally known for offering a high level of usability, and it only takes five minutes to download, install and configure. Then you just have to log in and search all locations to obtain an IP anonymity. It is therefore not a process that will take you very long if you have already decided to download the VPN service.

All in all, you get a VPN that works very well. You will not be able to tell that the service is free, neither in when it comes to quality or services offered.

FAQ – Urban VPN

  1. What is Urban VPN?

    Urban VPN is one of the only free premium VPNs in Denmark, created for fast connections and with a large network of fewer than 84 locations. Urban VPN was founded back in 2018 and has since become a very popular VPN provider.

  2. How does Urban VPN protect my data?

    Urban VPN is constantly informed about the latest advanced technologies in the field of privacy and data protection. That way, they are always updated on the latest rules with an in-house team of professionals who do everything from security and law to products and sales. Therefore, the security is continuously strengthened in their databases so that they are always encrypted and controlled.

  3. What can I use Urban VPN for?

    You can hide your VPN address, protect your data and personal information against cybercrime, remove any blockages on streaming services, and access new websites and social media. With Urban VPN, you have unlimited bandwidth as well as an unlimited number of devices.

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