The Best Google Chromebook Vpn

A Chromebook is a tablet or portable computer that uses the Chrome operating system, which is based on Linux. You can install a VPN on your device to encrypt your data and the data you save on your Chromebook.

Looking for the best VPN for Chromebook? Up the security on your laptop – these are Google Chromebook VPN options.

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark
  • Atlas VPN
  • IPVanish
  • PrivateVPN
  • ZenMate
  • ProtonVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • Hotspot Shield
  • VyprVPN
  • PureVPN

When you use a VPN, you may build a security system to safeguard your data when you conduct business online. It helps you run your business in a private, secure atmosphere and aims to prevent online trafficking. Thus, VPNs for Chromebooks enable you to connect your computer and mobile devices to another location. To display geo-restricted content in several regions, most individuals utilize a VPN. 

For Chrome OS, there are various VPNs available. Thus, You must use extreme caution because your privacy is at risk.  Here is the top VPN for Chromebooks out of several.

Why Your Chromebook is Vulnerable

Malware can certainly infect Chromebooks. Chrome has discovered around 100 UAF flaws in only, 2022.

  • Before using the best VPN for your Chromebook, a significant weakness in an experimental built-in security key feature associated with two-factor authentication methods has been discovered earlier in the year.
  •  And Google experts advise Chrome OS customers to upgrade their devices as soon as possible. Thanks to the built-in security key, users of Chromebooks may utilize their devices as USB, NFC, or Bluetooth dongles. For instance, you may use this functionality to sign up for or log onto a website. 
  • Users of Chromebooks just need to click the power button to accomplish this, which will send a cryptographic token to conventional hardware keys. In essence, a Chromebook user utilizes the Chrome OS device to verify ownership rather than a tiny USB, NFC, or Bluetooth-based dongle.

How hackers can attack

Developers found a flaw in the firmware of H₁ chips, which are utilized for cryptographic activities connected to the built-in function and security key, at the start of this year. As it turned out, the problem caused some cryptographic signatures to have their length inadvertently reduced, which made them considerably simpler to decipher.

  • As a result, attackers could fake a user’s security key without access to a Chromebook VPN device. They should have a pair of signatures and signed data (Chrome OS devices and sites exchange these upon registration or account login). Experts stress that this data is typically transferred through HTTPS connections, which lowers the danger of debilitating assaults on a big scale.

However, U2F protocols do not regard signatures as a secret; thus, it is safe to presume that they may be located and acquired from various locations. Google experts said there was no need to worry despite the seriousness of the issue. After all, even if an attacker has signatures and a private key to generate further signatures, they will still only compromise the second component in the traditional two-factor authentication procedure. 

  • To hack accounts, they will still require the user’s password. Even with U2F’s flaw, experts claim that most attackers lack the necessary technical know-how to carry out such assaults.

How to Use Chromebook With a VPN

On your Chromebook, a VPN may be set up in several methods, including:

  1. Download from Google Play is an Android app. 
  2. Download from Chrome Web Store via Chrome extension.
  3. Use the built-in OS Chrome System VPN app to connect to a VPN service.

The Android applications are the quickest and simplest method to set up a VPN on a Chromebook. The Google Play Store, where you can download and install Android apps exactly as you would on your smartphone, is now supported by almost all Chromebooks.

You will discover some buttons, for instance, that are not visible on your Chromebook’s display. If this occurs, you may enlarge the app by switching the display settings from mobile to tablet.

What is the best VPN for a Chromebook?

What is the best VPN for a Chromebook

Chromebooks running Chrome OS, in addition to the more popular MacBook and Windows laptops, are gradually gaining favor by offering users cheap alternatives for far under $500. More than 30 million students already use Chromebooks in classrooms because of their  user-friendly operating system that enables youngsters to study and interact, as well as security administration capabilities that instructors can administer. 

In addition, a Chromebook with Internet connectivity and Google Docs, Sheets, and more makes new business prospects possible throughout the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. But in many situations, Internet dependence necessitates setting up the best VPN for Chromebook users.

For instance, employees using Chromebooks for business may require a VPN for Chromebooks to protect their privacy when using public Wi-Fi. Students using Chromebooks for education may want to access some websites forbidden by the school network.


Chromebooks pay for the full VPN service ExpressVPN. There are 160 VPN servers to select from in 94 nations when using this commercial VPN service. You can access any geo-restricted material and prohibited websites by using ExpressVPN. 

It encrypts your network and caches your virtual IP address so others cannot monitor your internet activity. ExpressVPN employs DNS encryption on each server to safeguard your connection and guarantee quick navigation. As well as other VPNs for Chromebook, it provides a manual setup option, a Chrome extension, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • ExpressVPN is safe and easy to use. 
  • Strong security features are included. 
  • It provides browser add-ons. 
  • It offers you fantastic customer service


A VPN with a Panamanian foundation, one of the best VPNs for Chromebooks, NordVPN offers increased protection and safeguards your online activity. It can’t track your internet data and offers a shady tunnel for online traffic. Every time you use public Wi-Fi, NordVPN keeps your browser history secure. 

It also functions as an ad blocker to stop all the humiliating adverts. You can access your favorite websites and multimedia material because it only imports geo-restricted locations. With a single NordVPN account, up to 6 devices may be secured. Install and activate Nord VPN on your device to access the Internet without limitations.

  • The ability to simultaneously connect to six mobile devices appeals. 
  • There is support for various peripherals and the P2P protocol.
  • The service is compatible with all popular operating systems. 
  • Excellent customer service and usability draw people in. 
  • There are several connection speeds available.
  • The VPN doesn’t ask for any personal information from users.


The best and most affordable VPN for Chromebooks is Surfshark. More than 61 nations had 1040 waiters deliver it. Thanks to its fully protected protocols, you may access all regionally restricted streaming services and prohibited websites with this VPN. Additionally, it functions as an empty list and ad blocker to safeguard your device from harmful software. 

To safeguard all of your data and online activity, the VPN connection disconnects you from the Internet if it drops. To connect and avoid importing several devices, sign up for a single Surfshark VPN account. It is not a free VPN for Chromebook; however, it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee or a delightful warranty. It never keeps tabs on its customers’ online activity and never sells user data to marketers.

  • Because Surfshark offers a no-log service, your internet behavior is kept private. 
  • Surfshark uses high encryption for the data sent across the VPN tunnel and a secure connection with VPN servers

Atlas VPN

Since its January 2020 launch, Atlas VPN has experienced unstoppable growth in popularity. It is advertised as a free VPN for Chromebook with unlimited traffic and military-grade encryption that does not invade user privacy or inundate them with advertisements. To put it briefly, it offers everything that other “free” VPNs do not.

There is, of course, a premium edition with servers that are even quicker and better suited for certain jobs. In just one year of operation, this VPN was able to set up approximately 570 servers across 17 different nations. Using the IPv6 protocol, they operate fast, dependably, and securely. There is also a defense against assaults via DNS and WebRTC.

  • Practically impossible to hack.
  • Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows-based smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers are all supported with Atlas VPN. 
  • Atlas VPN has 573 servers spread over 17 nations


IPVanish is one of the best VPNs for Chromebook and a plane server that efficiently transports the whole network. It oversees more than 70 locations and about 1900 servers. All servers exhibit dependable qualities, including fast throughput, speed, and various data conversions. It provides a highly secure link and stops anyone from tampering with your browser without your permission. 

It can get around digital and geographical restrictions. High security and 256-bit encryption are features of IPVanish. On public Wi-Fi, the VPN includes automatic security settings. 

Unlike some of the other best VPN services for Chromebook, you may connect several devices simultaneously with this utility, which offers many server substitutes. If you want to safeguard all of your family members’ or friends’ gadgets on one platform, this functionality can be fantastic for you.

  • There is a built-in infrastructure with IPVanish. 
  • It works with practically all gadgets. 
  • In addition, it provides incredible price options without lengthy lockup periods


Only 200 servers make up Chromebook PrivateVPN’s server network, but they are widely placed across the globe to prevent overload and guarantee fast speeds on nearby and distant servers. Up to 10 devices may be connected simultaneously with PrivateVPN, which also provides monthly, three-month, and three-year contracts with 30-day money-back guarantees.

One of the finest VPNs for unblocking banned and geo-restricted websites is PrivateVPN. It is compatible with all well-known streaming services (including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, and others). Unlike other VPNs for Chromebook, it can get beyond internet firewalls in nations with tight internet censorship (such as China and Indonesia).

  • It offers extra defense (masking your IP address). 
  • DNS and IPv6 are used by the service to offer leak prevention.


Zenmate may carefully get around or disregard Chromebook VPN restrictions and national boundaries. It not only supports Android but also includes a Chrome plugin. This indicates that you may utilize the advantages of this VPN when browsing online. The Chrome add-on provides a free trial if you’re seeking a free VPN for a Chromebook.

A thorough analysis shows Zenmate operates 4000 servers across more than 80 nations. All Zenmate servers are dependable and operate quickly. ZenMate offers the P2P sharing capability in practically all locations where it is available.

As a result, streaming sites have fewer chances to restrict and identify users who use Zenmate. The best VPN for Chromebooks is free and offers 24/7 customer support to assist customers with any problems. You may use Proton VPN for Chromebooks for free in addition to Zenmate.

  • ZenMate may be utilized on several devices despite only having one membership. 
  • It has incredible security features that are beneficial in protecting your info. 
  • It has Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac applications.


There are several reasons why ProtonVPN is highlighted in this article. Although this VPN has certain limitations (just as with any other free VPNs for Chromebooks), they are not as severe. ProtonVPN is a trustworthy VPN that is based in Switzerland. Since it has been operating for a while, it is aware of how to safeguard the privacy of its consumers. 

It works on IKEv2/IPSec and OpenVPN protocols. Therefore, you can count on 100% security when surfing the Internet. AES-256 encryption is used to secure the Internet connection. Additional key exchange is done using 4096-bit RSA.

To create user security, developers have made Secure Core. This is an architecture that routes your traffic through multiple servers. Then the connection leaves the network. Therefore, hackers, scammers, and the provider will not be able to track you and find out your real IP address. Security servers are located in Switzerland, Iceland, and Sweden. And these countries have strict privacy laws.

  • This VPN for Chromebook does not need data recording and gives unlimited bandwidth. 
  • There is an Android app with all the features you might want without any advertisements


Among the other VPNs for Chromebook, the most popular is CyberGhost. It is a Romanian-based VPN service that offers the fastest speeds and most potent protocols. One of the top VPN services that are reasonably priced is this one. Your money will be reimbursed if you’re unhappy with the service within 45 days. 

Over 90 nations may access 5950 servers with CyberGhost. It offers quick and limitless tape and doesn’t need to access your internet server or wipe the memory. You may simultaneously secure up to 7 devices with one CyberGhost subscription. When using public Wi-Fi, you are always secure and never have to gather personal data.

Using this not-free VPN for Chromebook, you may browse any websites and play all regionally-restricted games. By hiding your IP address, you can secure all of your transactions.

  • Guaranteed money-back for 45 days. 
  • AES encryption with a 256-bit strength. 
  • It has a no logs policy. 
  • The service is easy to use and provides apps for consoles, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Linux, and iOS devices.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a practical and quick Chromebook VPN that gives customers access to a list of securely encrypted IP addresses. This service proved one of the best at disguising data and had a meager chance of being intercepted. Hotspots can transport data even more quickly by compressing the data as well.

Users can access unlimited traffic, but your ISP’s limitations, guidelines, and rules still apply. That one of the best VPNs for Chromebooks provides customers with just OpenVPN connectivity choices in terms of connection types.

Users of Hotspot Shield can benefit from superior data compression. It drastically reduces the amount of data when used, enabling speedier transport. However, you should be aware that various factors, like the location of the Hotspot Shield server (how close or remote it is) and the specifics of the Internet service you are utilizing, affect your Internet speed.

The servers are in the United States, but neither their precise location nor the number of IP addresses they have is disclosed. Although it may be a drawback for users, this demonstrates how seriously this site takes security and privacy.

  • Malware protection is offered together with the service. 
  • Hotspot Shield requires no operating settings and is incredibly simple to install. 


One distinct benefit sets VyprVPN apart from other best VPNs for Chromebooks. This application is great for users who reside in nations where authoritarian regimes track their citizens’ online behavior. It uses Chameleon technology to make data less visible to those who wish to intercept it and find out what you are doing.

Chameleon operates as follows:

  • The most popular method of data interception, deep packet inspection (DPI), cannot decipher OpenVPN information since it is encrypted. 
  • By keeping the security of the OpenVPN protocol (without making any modifications to the 256-bit OpenVPN protocol), customers of VyprVPN may prevent ever-increasing government meddling while avoiding typical VPN filtering and bandwidth restrictions.
    • The service offers trustworthy security and does not keep logs. 
    • Customer help is available, and DNS and IP are not leaked by the service. 


With high data encryption and a variety of safe protocols, PureVPN is a quick and dependable Chromebook VPN that will give you safety when browsing the web or downloading torrents. 

You may enjoy your media without worrying about how it will affect your performance. Every time all traffic passes via the access point (or Bot/CPA), Always On Audit assures it has passed through highly rigorous security checks.

  • Port forwarding is supported, and it works with Android TV. 
  • It has no DNS leaks and a 31-day money-back guarantee. 

vpnXpert solutions

vpnXpert offers a VPN that is not only for IT geeks. It was developed to be simple to use and available to everyone. Our professionals are skilled authors with excellent knowledge of the most recent VPN, privacy, and cybersecurity developments. We are delighted to provide information about our platform or anything else linked to trade.

  • Here at vpnXpert, we provide the solution to that query. We think you should be able to use the internet freely without worrying about hackers, nosy authorities, or other people who want information about you that doesn’t affect them. 
  • Our vpnXpert professionals are skilled authors with excellent knowledge of the most recent developments in VPN, privacy, and cybersecurity.
  • Because you can essentially manage your online activity, it’s crucial to utilize the best VPN Chromebook. Your data must always be protected against internet travel. 
  • You can secure your data and access all geo-restricted material by using a VPN. You purchase a premium VPN rather than a free one to receive all the benefits. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


  1. Which VPNs Don’t Work with Chromebook?

    Most VPN configurations are compatible with Chromebooks. You must remove all cached data if the VPN isn’t functioning.

  2. Why are Certain VPNs Not Available on Chromebook?

    Sometimes the cause is due to system issues, such as a large amount of cached data. There are just a few or three VPN services that do not support Chromebooks.

  3. How to verify VPN on Chromebook with Chrome Extension?

    ExpressVPN offers a browser extension for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Chromebooks do not require the ExpressVPN browser extension. However, there are other VPN services that you can confirm: 1) visit the Chrome Web Store; 2) enter VPN in the search bar; 3) choose 1clickVPN and install it.

  4. Is using a VPN on Chrome safe?

    You can access geo-blocked websites and improve your online security by using a VPN Chrome plugin. However, many Chrome VPN add-ons don’t provide perfect protection, while others have slow connections and only provide a few servers.

  5. Is Google’s VPN reliable?

    Although the Google VPN is quick, it has few capabilities and is difficult to use. Although it is difficult to trust as a privacy tool, some Google One VPN customers may find it beneficial for quick streaming on their Android smartphones. Regarding security and privacy, we suggest various VPNs.