The Best Google Alternatives That Save Your Privacy

As internet users, we rely on Google for various reasons. It can be searching for information,managing our email and calendars or watching videos.

But at the same time, many of us rightly noted that searching Google products are unreliable in terms of privacy. The company collects our:

  • Data.
  • Search queries. 
  • Geolocation. 
  • Browsing history and more.

This is all done for personalized advertising on the Internet. But besides this, attackers can use your tracked data for a crime.

And how to keep personal data private? This blog will explore some great alternatives to Google search that will keep you safe. Whether you’re looking for a search engine that doesn’t track your movements or a mail app that doesn’t store your data, we’ve got something for you.

Why Do I Need Alternatives to Google?

Most people use Google because it’s the most popular search engine. It has become a part of our lives, and we don’t even know if there are the risks of using it. But have you ever thought about how much personal information you share with Google? Every time you search for something on Google, you’re giving them valuable data about yourself.

And it’s not just your private searches that Google is tracking. Google collects many users’ personal data to display ads that we follow.

Do you like when:

  • Your movement on the Internet is being monitored?
  • Your location is under surveillance?
  • Your data is under the control of a large corporation?
  • Google knows everything about your device?
  • That your voice is being recorded and processed?

If your answers are “not”, you need to find the best alternative to the Google browser and other products. And it’s not just about Google Chrome. Google is a huge corporation, like a virus that has infected the entire Internet.

The next products belong to one company:

  • Gmail.
  • YouTube.
  • Browser.
  • Maps.
  • Cloud storage.
  • Even a translator and more.

And if you stop using one product, it does not mean that you are not tracked by Google anymore. The company can continue spying with other apps. You need to get rid of all Google platforms at once.

If you’re concerned about your privacy, you may consider using an alternative to Google. Some other options don’t track your personal information as Google does.

Google Chrome Alternatives

Google Chrome Alternatives

Google Chrome has firmly established its position as a browser on millions of computers and phones. And, of course, there are good reasons for this. The Google browser is:

  • Fast.
  • Works well with other products from the company.
  • Intuitive.
  • Constantly updated.
  • Getting more and more useful features for the Internet experience.

However, despite the convenience and familiarity of use, many do not like that Google collects personal data from Internet users. That is why there is an urgent need for alternatives to Google search solutions. Fortunately, Google has many competitors ready to provide their services to replace this giant and even surpass it.


This best browser alternative is considered the most secure as it can offer triple protection to the user. Installing the browser is quite simple. It is completely free and contains no viruses. Since the browser has no owners, it cannot be blocked or disabled. Combining these factors makes Tor service the best for the Internet experience. 

And to gain additional protection and not give even the slightest chance to attackers, you can use a VPN and combine it with the Tor browser. However, remember that the Internet connection may be slow, and you will not be able to watch high-definition videos and play online games due to low downloads and high ping.

Safari for IOS Users

For Apple users, there is a built-in browser that is inferior to other alternatives to Google search. However, to achieve maximum data protection and anonymity, it is better to change the search engine in the browser settings to another.

Safari also offers excellent password storage that is only accessible by identification. In addition, the best browser alternative provides many useful features, such as:

  • An easy-to-read mode
  • Built-in ad-hiding methods
  • A highly optimized workflow

With the Safari browser, you won’t face RAM overloading.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is one of the best browser alternatives on the planet and can be a huge competitor to Google earlier. The success of the browser is that it doesn’t sell users’ data for advertising and works based on open source code. This transparency of companies is very user-friendly and allows us to keep our searching privacy like Google doesn’t allow us to do.

However, Mozilla, like Chrome, can greatly slow down your device during use, which is extremely important for people who need efficiency and speed of action on the network.

Google Search Alternatives

Google Search Alternatives

Changing your browser is not enough if you want complete anonymity and to protect your online data. Every browser has a search engine. And in many of them, Google search is set by default. There are situations when it is enough for users to simply change the search engine in the browser settings and thus achieve the desired anonymity. Sometimes, people would like to use completely different search engines other than:

  • Google.
  • Bing.
  • Yahoo.

So, there are many more reliable and safe alternatives to Google for searching for information on the Internet. We will tell you about such search engines in this block.


This alternative to the Google engine is first on our list for an exceptional reason. We know that Google search results are the best in the world and can answer almost any question that can be asked on the Internet. is a search engine that allows you to use the Google SERPs database, but with completely turned-off ads. This means that you can search for information through this search engine and get all the same information that Google gives out, but without tracking your activity, data, and visits. This makes this platform both as convenient as possible and safe.


This Google substitution can provide users with high privacy searching standards and excellent results from multiple search engines and Wikipedia. With it, your search for information will become even more accurate and detailed. And the protection of your data, activity, and location occurs with the help of the TOR, as mentioned above. Such a tandem leaves no chance for either online scammers or large money-hungry corporations to track you and sell your data.


This French alternative to Google allows the user to use additional features usually available in search engines from large companies. However, the distinguishing feature of this service is that no one is following you and does not try to sell your preferences for the sake of advertising.

You can still access the latest news on the main page, music search, and Internet queries. In addition, the platform has also been developing an alternative version of Google maps, which may completely replace the maps we are used to.

Google Drive Alternatives

Google Drive Alternatives

Modern users cannot do without cloud storage. Musicians, photographers, editors, and game creators always use cloud storage for their files. You might think storing essential data in cloud storage might be insecure. Still, popular companies have proven they can provide reliable solutions and methods for protecting personal data.

After all, company owners understand that protecting intellectual property is crucial in the modern world. While buying hard drives is the most reliable alternative to Google Drive, it has several disadvantages. They include the need to carry the drive around, necessity to store it somewhere, and that it can break. It is unlikely that companies providing cloud solutions will close in the coming years.

However, although Google provides a reliable solution for storing data, it still tracks your activity, so here are two great alternatives to Google Drive if you search for a reliable and stable provider.


This multi-platform cloud storage also boasts a free account version, which allows you to try the platform for free and learn all its features. Conveniently, the service reliably protects user data, so you can store anything on the platform without fear of losing your data. In addition, the platform also offers:

  • An intuitive interface
  • Ease of use
  • Interaction between users


This excellent alternative to Google service offers paid and free account versions, allowing users to work with cloud storage without problems. However, with a free account, you will have some limitations. But if you are not a photographer or editor and do not use heavy files for storage, this alternative is perfect for you. The service has an intuitive interface, does not freeze, and has both desktop and mobile versions.

YouTube Alternatives

YouTube Alternatives

Every day, millions of people turn on video as a background for household chores, turn on a video for training, or set a child in front of a smart TV so that they don’t scream and sit silently.

YouTube can provide all this. The platform includes:

  • Movies.
  • Educational videos.
  • Cartoons for all ages.
  • Blogs.
  • Vlogs.
  • Let’s plays.
  • Beauty videos, and a lot of other video formats. 

Due to the incredible diversity of the platform, it will be quite difficult to replace it. In addition, Google offers its authors monetization, which is why YouTube blogging has become a full-fledged profession and has taken video making to a new level.

However, other video platforms in the world can also show good potential.


The main advantage of this alternative to Google is decentralization, i.e., blockchain. This technology allows the platform to remain relatively independent and not succumb to censorship, as sites such as YouTube or TikTok did.
Unfortunately, the service has a lot of room for improvement and lacks many features that YouTube has, but it still has a lot to offer for viewers and creators.


TikTok has become a real boom over the past few years and has gained millions of fans. Every day Tiktok is getting filled with new videos for users. The primary function of this one of the best alternatives is the ability to browse short videos non-stop. Although the service cannot show the same functionality as YouTube and fully replace it, it is excellent as a quick video format instead of boring hour-long videos.

Google Maps Alternatives

Google Maps Alternatives

Online maps have become a real salvation for humanity. They are particularly easy to use, have a clear interface and accurately determine the route. Google has been able to take its maps to an unimaginable level with:

  • Street view
  • Terrain
  • Traffic analysis
  • Schedules and many other useful features

But now, many other companies keep up with Google and can offer equally functional tools.

In this paragraph, we will look at alternatives to Google that also offer convenient platforms that can work both online and offline, accurately determine the route and geolocation, and provide a new experience while traveling. So download these apps on your phone, pack your travel bag and power bank, and you can safely go on a trip.


Although this alternative to Google can hardly be called a full-fledged replacement for Google maps, it can nevertheless be a great addition to the main maps. Like a kind of Wikipedia in the world of maps, OpenStreetMap offers maps that ordinary users have added on their own.

This feature allows users to add data even in places where satellites or Google Maps machines would not be able to handle it. Unfortunately, the application cannot provide many useful features the competitors offer.


This excellent service provides users with maps for more than 300 countries and islands on the planet. Although this application does not boast any special features in online mode, it has classic map features such as directions, points of interest, a navigator, and similar useful features for Google maps.

However, the application has an undeniable advantage as an offline mode. But it requires you to download the data package for countries and regions in advance. The app is free, but it may use your data for advertising.

Gmail Alternatives

E-mail is the basis of our Internet activity and daily life. This system is increasingly being strengthened and integrated into our routine, as our e-mail address is required by state-owned companies, online stores, and employers. We cannot do without this tool.

Google offers a convenient solution for users. The application allows you to sort, mark, postpone and delete letters. Nevertheless, users are confused only when, as in the case of a browser, YouTube or another service, mail can also be used to analyze the user’s data and sell them for advertising.

We are pleased to present several alternatives to the classic Google product in this case.


One of the main advantages of this application is that its creators have a wealth of experience in the field of digital security. The platform has excellent encryption methods like:

  • PGP.
  • 2FA.

But unfortunately, the developers do not offer users a free version of mail. You will have to pay for a subscription to receive and send emails. In addition, another disadvantage is the fact that the platform does not have available versions for mobile phones, which will make the experience much more challenging to use.


It’s a great alternative to Google Mail, as the platform is open source, offers end-to-end encryption features, and doesn’t charge a fee. So, a free user account gives storage of 500 MB, which can be increased by purchasing an additional plan.

The active user base is steadily growing yearly, and the developers offer desktop and mobile versions of mail.

Bottom Line

If you’re concerned about your privacy, it’s important to consider using an alternative to Google. Some search engines don’t track your personal information the same way that Google does. This means you can search for things without worrying about compromised privacy as Google can do. Consider using one of these search engines to keep your information private.


  1. What search engines are best for privacy?

    The best search engines for privacy are:- Startpage.- DuckDuckGo.- SearX.- Qwant.- Swisscows.

  2. How Does Google Collect Data?

    Google’s privacy policies state that they “collect the content you create, upload, or receive from others when using our services.” This includes email sent and received, photos and videos saved, documents and spreadsheets created, and comments made on YouTube videos.”

  3. Is there a viable alternative to the Play Store?

    F-Droid, free and open source, is the best alternative. Aptoide, Steam, Aurora Store, and APKPure are other excellent alternatives to Google Play Store. Alternatives to Google Play Store are primarily App Stores, but they may also be App Discovery Services or Software Download Services.

  4. Why is Google that popular?

    Google’s success is thought to have stemmed from its desire and ability to provide higher-quality results for each user. Understanding search intent and locating the most accurate and relevant websites that match each query has enabled Google to differentiate itself from the competition.