• 14 Eyes surveillance alliances
  • High price for the service

StrongVPN is a VPN service that generally performs really well compared to its competitors. They promise to use nothing but the data you need to create an account. You can then move freely online using their VPN, without anyone tracking your movements. After all, that is what everyone looking for a VPN is after.

StrongVPN is located in the United States, and the location in a 14 Eyes surveillance alliance country always presents challenges. You may wonder, is your data really so secure when it comes to complying with the rules signed with 13 other countries? Keep in mind, however, that they are far from the only VPN service that has challenges in this area. And with their privacy terms, there seems to be nothing to worry about.

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What is WireGuard

On all their services, it is possible to use WireGuard, which is quite unique. It is a program – developed for Linux – that can help provide a secure and fast VPN for open-source use. Your movement and your data are communicated with a cryptography that is very cumbersome for hackers or other interested parties to discern.

In addition to this, you can use as many as 12 devices on one subscription. It is a lot higher than many comparable VPN services. 12 devices should be ample to cover a family’s needs when phones, computers and a TV or two are included. In this way, the money can be somewhat earned back, as the price of StrongVPN is a bit high. The service must make up for it, otherwise it obviously makes no sense to the customers.

With StrongVPN, there is also an incredibly low chance of your movements being tracked. They own their own servers – though they may be a bit random – and have a no logging policy. Your motion data will be deleted immediately. A policy that has helped give StrongVPN a top spot of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot with 2,049 reviews. This is very impressive for a VPN service.

StrongVPN security

Ease of use

Once you have provided the limited information and chosen the service that suits you or your family the best, you are ready for the application on your computer or phone. You will have a hard time finding a platform that is not compatible with StrongVPN: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows and more all work.

Along with the many platforms, you will also appreciate more than 950 servers in 35 countries. This may not be the most impressive thing for a VPN service like StrongVPN, however.

The design, where the customer has to adapt their services, is of a somewhat older nature. It has received some criticism for simply not being up to date. How bad that actually is, if the security is good, can be discussed.

Privacy and security

The notable safety precautions have already been mentioned. In addition to this, the service delivers well on DNC leakage. Their control of this via their own servers works well, and an immediate security threat cannot be found here.

If you want to consider a security threat to your data, however, it may be by 14 Eyes surveillance and the fact that the service is located in the United States. There may be some cause for concern here. Conversely, StrongVPN uses good protection against DNS leakage and also a kill switch when needed. Should a VPN go down, your activity will stop immediately. Alternatively, your movement will be visible to the person who would be watching.

OpenVPN should help strengthen security so significantly that there should be no worries for you as a customer. In other words, the security could be even better, but it is certainly good and comprehensive enough for most people’s use.

StrongVPN performance

There is no speed limit on StrongVPN, so you will not lose a lot of speed when using the service. However, it is not that simple. There is a difference in speed, depending on which server you use. It is not specific to StrongVPN though, but more to VPN usage in general. Their speed is very impressive compared to their competitors.


Website and support

If you are interested in spending some money on calling the US, you can actually get hold of their customer service here. It can be an expensive affair though, so maybe you want to use their live chat or contact form instead. Not bad for a US VPN service with so many support options. You do not always get great customer service contact opportunities when the company is located so far from Denmark. Therefore, customer service actually looks very promising.

StrongVPN prices

The price is really low – to begin with. However, remember to read the fine print. The first month or the first year you get a significantly lower price than the next month or next year – depending on the package. So, yes, the price is initially low – but the month or the year after, it is actually at the higher end of the price scale. It will of course be possible to use the service at a cheap price and subsequently unsubscribe. Should you be happy with StrongVPN’s coverage and design, you can always continue.

StrongVPN prices

The verdict

You get good security, good speed, good help in customer service and can have as many as 12 devices logged on at the same time. StrongVPN is for VPN users who want thorough security.

FAQ – StrongVPN

  1. What is StrongVPN?

    StrongVPN is a VPN service that helps all Internet users get anonymous treatment online. With their nearly 1000 servers in 35 countries, you can move online as you please without being recognised.

  2. Can StrongVPN challenge its competitors?

    Yes, they can compete with the big ones. However, there is a difference between being able to compete and being able to beat competitors. The price will probably be too high for some users. But, maybe the 12 devices can make up for it.

  3. Can I stream Netflix, HBO and other streaming services with StrongVPN?

    Yes. The speed is high and you will be able to use a wealth of streaming services in 35 different countries. You can use Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney and more. This is of course a point that any VPN service want to be strong on, because this is where a lot of families spend their money. You cannot use iPlayer, however, which may disappoint some users.

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