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  • User difficulties

SpyOff VPN service

SpyOff operates from San Marino and is a smaller VPN service. However, as you know, size is not the deciding factor. SpyOff offers a wide range of security and options that match or surpass even some of the best VPN services. You can, for example, use SpyOff on an unlimited number of devices at the same time. That is pretty unheard of.

You will often find with other VPN services that you can have a maximum of 5, 7 or 10 devices connected to the service. You may therefore end up having to have multiple subscriptions or lack VPN security on some of your devices. With an unlimited number of devices, there are no problems with getting all devices in the household secured.

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All the features of SpyOff

The location of the service in San Marino also provides enhanced security. They will not immediately hand over your data due to a monitoring alliance. This may be the case when using a VPN service operating in a country where they have entered into agreements with the state about surveillance. It could, for example, be 14 Eyes surveillance alliance. It is therefore always important to check up on where the service is located. An enclave in Italy is a good bet for a nice and safe location.

Here you will have the opportunity to make use of all the features that SpyOff advertises with on their website. You will be able to use their design and technique and from their assess whether it works for you. In addition to this, you will be able to test their many servers around the world. However, be aware of when the trial period ends. It can be an expensive commodity if you forget to unsubscribe and pay for something you do not use at all.

As a customer of SpyOff, you will need to provide some information about yourself. They need an email address, address information and payment information. Nothing new or unreasonable about this though, especially not when top security is promised in the processing of your information.


Ease of use

You can already now go to their website and book a trial period. After installation, you will get an app where the settings are simple. They have a 1-click solution. SpyOff has tried to make the user phase of their application very simple so that with one click, you can end up with the right setting.

The different platforms you can use via SpyOff are: Windows, Chrome, Linux, macOS, Android etc. The vast majority of platforms will be usable when you choose SpyOff. No matter which one you choose, you will get the same security when you move around online.

You will also be able to make use of torrents and streaming of Netflix on several different servers. SpyOff can actually do an astonishing amount once you get started using the many different services.

Finally, it is possible to set up SpyOff on your devices according to three protocols: Balanced, Ultra Secure and Highspeed. A good setting option that allows users to customise the service in order to get the most out of it.

spyoff plans

Privacy and security

For the best security, choose Ultra Secure. Here, OpenVPN – as the experts recommend – will make your online journey safe. You will get a kill switch, which prevents you from using an insecure VPN and DNS leakage is being significantly reduced. If you set SpyOff to Ultra Secure, you will be able to get top notch security, which the vast majority of users will be more than happy with.

However, security is no walk in the park for SpyOff. There are a few challenges. For example, they do not own their servers. This means that data travels via a third party. Whether this is a problem or not for you is difficult to find out. In any case, it is not the most appropriate way to operate with VPN, as you are just using VPN to be able to move anonymously online.

If we disregard this concern, you get unlimited server changes. This means that you can always change the country and server as you wish. Your movements are always deleted. And should your VPN be overloaded for one reason or another, the kill switch will shut down your activity immediately. It is a good, healthy and secure VPN starting point.

SpyOff performance

Basically, the speed is good. Of course, it varies depending on your protocol setting. When using VPN servers that are far from your geographical location, the speed of SpyOff is fine, but not quite as good as that of its competitors. If you just use SpyOff for streaming, it will work flawlessly. So certainly not a bad starting point.

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Website and support

The website is easy to use and very straightforward. There are not many different subpages you can get lost in. Their support is also very simple – and a bit sparse. They have no live chat that can guide you or answer your questions quickly. Instead, you are left with a contact form – which, in fairness, responds quickly. The money is spent on providing good security and making a user-friendly application instead of a smart website.

The price for SpyOff

The price is almost DKK 50 per month. As such, it is not expensive, but it is more expensive than the heavy competitors. Taking into account the unlimited number of users, however, there are some great features. For example, if you need coverage of more than 6 devices, SpyOff has a good price for you and your family.

The verdict

SpyOff is new on the market and looks very exciting. It already makes sense to use their service now with the many devices and strong usability.

FAQ – SpyOff

  1. Why should I use SpyOff?

    Because you want to cover an unlimited number of devices and have a high level of security. That is quite simply what it boils down to. SpyOff has a hard time keeping up with the top VPN services, but they are new and already provide highly coveted deals to their customers.

  2. Does SpyOff remove my activity online?

    SpyOff has a strict no logging policy. So yes, they remove your activity online. It may be questioned whether it is appropriate that they do not own their servers and whether data can be collected from there. But as a starting point, they have a strict no logging policy, which must be, and is, in order.

  3. What can SpyOff be used for?

    SpyOff is used for safe online travel. Whether you need to game, download torrents, stream or virtually anything else, security is covered with SpyOff. In general, your movement will be anonymous and therefore cannot be tracked or pursued.

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