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We are online like never before and there are many good reasons to choose a VPN. With a VPN, you have a secure tunnel between your device and the Internet. VPN is therefore used to protect online traffic from surveillance and other interference. There are many different types of VPN solutions that protect your Internet traffic in an easy and effective way. On this page, you can read a review of RUSVPN, which is a good contender for a secure VPN server that hides your online identity.

RUSVPN is one of the newer companies

When we are online, there may be people trying to obtain our information or scam us. With RUSVPN, you can secure both your own, and your potential customers’, information. When you use this solution, information is sent via a VPN-secured line. That way, you can be sure that your and your customers’ information and personal payments are in safe hands.

If you are looking for a secure connection, you may want to take a look at this attractive solution. RUSVPN protects your information when you stream Netflix, play or pay for an item. If you have a company, you are also secured with this VPN server. It keeps your information secure when it is sent around among stakeholders.


Get more everyday security with a credible VPN solution

When you choose RUSVPN, you get a lot of security for your money. No matter what you use the Internet for, you can get optimal protection and hide IP addresses. With RUSVPN, you can also get support for all your devices that can access the Internet. You can therefore feel completely safe online when using this internet solution.

‘RUS’ in RUSVPN stands for ‘Reliable’, ‘Unlimited’ and ‘Secure Servers’, which is your guarantee of a reliable, unlimited and secure service. The company’s encrypted servers contribute to maximum protection when you are online. With this VPN solution, you also get a really fast connection without compromising your security.
You can even connect to advanced servers and get an optimal combination of performance and speed.

Advantages of RUSVPN:

  • Reliable and unlimited VPN solution
  • Lightning fast and secure connection
  • Can be used all over the world
  • Good customer service

Get more out of your internet with RUSVPN

If you live in a country with Internet restrictions, the new VPN server will most likely be the right solution for you. The company offers a form of masking server, so you can use IP addresses on servers located all over the world. That way, you can get even more out of your internet no matter where you are. When you select RUSVPN, you get more protocols than with other VPN servers. This means that the servers support security protocols such as PPTP, OpenVPN, IKEv2 and many more.

With RUSVPN, you no longer have to worry about who can keep track of when you are online. All DNS servers run at top speed, so your DNS traffic will be protected with end-to-end encryption. You will therefore find that the company is constantly working to prevent DNS and IP leaks. They do this to ensure that you get the maximum protection of your data.

RUSVPN servers

Lightning-fast speed and loads of streaming

If you spend a lot of time streaming HULU and playing online, then you are probably far from the only one. The same is true if you often experience delays or interruptions. With RUSVPN, you avoid frustrating distractions when you are online. The advanced streaming servers have impressive streaming speeds, so you never have to compromise on your favourite game or TV show again.

It is both quick and easy to connect to a VPN when you are abroad. When you go to the Internet via VPN, your IP address will be changed automatically. If you are abroad and you would like to access a website that is banned in that country, simply do the following:

  • Enable VPN
  • Choose a connection server that corresponds to the country of the web resource
  • Connect

RUSVPN gives you a wealth of opportunities to be online. You therefore have greater freedom to use the Internet and you do not have to worry about security. RUSVPN handles your security around the clock.

Free internet for everyone

RUSVPN is a service based on quality, anonymity and availability. Specifically, the company works to make the Internet better and give the individual user a greater sense of freedom through a variety of beneficial features. Since the company started in 2017, the vision has been that everyone has the right to high-quality internet. With RUSVPN, you can be sure that your data is highly protected and transmitted through secure, virtual tunnels. You will therefore always remain anonymous when you are online.

The company uses OpenVPN 256-bit 2048 RSA technologies and supports connection via IPSec, which is known for reliability and a high level of data protection. With the high transmission speeds, you will experience films, music, sports broadcasts and much, much more in a whole new and improved way.

Censorship and security have no doubt come to stay. Still, the company is constantly working to find solutions that keep your personal data confidential and protected, and so that you can use the Internet freely without restrictions.

RUSVPN prices


  1. Why should I choose RUSVPN?

    There are many benefits to choosing RUSVPN as your VPN solution. Among other things, you get a particularly reliable and high level of data protection, just as you can look forward to high transmission speeds. You can also be sure that all your data is in safe hands and that it is transmitted through secure, virtual tunnels when you are online.

  2. How do I connect to a VPN?

    If you are abroad and would like to connect to a VPN, simply select the connection server that corresponds to a VPN with a IP address. The connection is then established automatically.

  3. How do I contact customer service?

    At RUSVPN, there is always a professional team ready to help you with your questions about your VPN server. If you have any other questions regarding VPN in general, please contact customer service at info @ rusvpn.com.

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