• Relatively expensive
  • Few features
  • HQ in the US
  • Are not supporting all operating systems

Private Internet Access -Review 2022

By just observing Private Internet Access (or PIA as the provider calls itself) name, one understands that privacy is essential, and in focus for this VPN provider. The fact that PIA is emphasizing privacy is a great starting point, as privacy often is a primary reason to buy a VPN. PIA is one of the best VPN services available on the market. Nevertheless, in comparison to other providers, it offers nothing extra. Consequently, it is a service that we can just rank as semi-good even though it does have thousands of available servers and an easy-to-use app.

Firstly, despite the good intentions it is hard to understand why PIA would be a more secure VPN provider than other players on the market. In comparison to its competitors, PIA is a semi-good service. PIA protects and anonymizes your internet activity – but that is basically it. We miss the icing on the cake. Something that makes it more than an adequate VPN.

PIA is headquartered in the US which makes it hard to know whether the provider is actually not giving away your data information. Of course, PIA states that they are not logging your activity, etc. Yet, as the company has to comply with American legislation it is hard to believe that it is 100% secure to use PIA. We all know that digital privacy is not the main focus for agencies such as FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security. So, the question is then, what can they get after a visit to Private Internet Access with a warrant and ramblings about national security?

By signing up to a PIA subscription you will get access to more than three thousands of servers that are located in 32 different countries. This means that it is only NordVPN that has access to more servers on the VPN market. The servers are among the fastest to use and are overall better than the median if compared to providers such as ExpressVPN and NordVPN.

PIA’s service allows ten simultaneous connections. The layout of the app is very user-friendly and satisfies most users. Yet, it does not support all operating systems. PIA is limited to iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux. This is an evident drawback of the service.

If you are a fan of streaming services, PIA will not disappoint you. PIA is perfect for accessing streaming services, including American Netflix. By using PIA it allows you to unblock sites that otherwise will be blocked.

Similar to other streaming providers, PIA has a 30 days money-back guarantee which allows you to try out the service and disrupt the subscription if you don’t like it. The service is otherwise relatively expensive for what you get as a subscriber. At approximately 10,5 US dollars per month (if you sign up for a monthly subscription), you can enjoy PIA’s service. It should also be noted that this price has increased significantly in the last year and PIA used to be cheaper.

All in all, PIA is a semi-good VPN service with high-speed servers, a user-friendly app, and advanced security settings.

Try Private Internet Access VPN 30-days money-back guarantee