Phone Watching - What To Know?

You are browsing your favorite social networks on your phone, and suddenly something is wrong. You start noticing strange advertisements on the screen, and then unknown links appear in your messages. Oops…it looks like someone tracks your phone, which is the most common scam system. It could be happening on your phone right now, but you wouldn’t even know it. A little scary, isn’t it?

The fact is that now many spies can use your information against you. Spying on cell phones happens daily, but most don’t even know about it. And while you are quietly spending time on your phone, spies can track your location, send messages from your account on social networks or keep your data for themselves.

Previously, spyware on phones was expensive and challenging to do. But now, technologies are developing rapidly, so it is much easier to perform such actions with your phone for spies. But nobody wants to have a monitored phone. So, if you have the slightest suspicion that someone is monitoring your phone without your permission, you need to immediately look for ways to confirm and get rid of them.

How to check if someone spying on my phone?

How to check if someone spying on my phone?

Do you suspect that your phone is being tracked? You should pay attention to such things as blocked emails, interruptions during calls, and slowing down the speed of the phone. If this sounds familiar to you, you are probably being tracked.

  • Usually, we store a lot of information on our phones. It can be photos, documents, messages, records, etc. However, have you ever wondered whether all your data is safe? In reality, everything is not as well provided as you think. Each of us can become a victim of phone spies, which can track our actions on the phone. Everyone does it for different purposes. Someone needs your information for malicious purposes, someone can use it against you, or someone needs access to your text messages.
  • So, why is your phone being watched by cunning spies? Often the reason for this can be sending your information to an unknown source or clicking on unknown links. In this way, you may share your data without knowing it. Although spies are pretty difficult to detect, you can still be smarter than them. You only need to pay attention to the following signs on the phone. Then, you can expose the annoying criminals who steal your information from the phone:

The phone battery is discharging faster

The phone discharges faster when watching movies, using games, and spending a long time on the Internet. However, when you notice the battery discharging much quicker than usual, even though you are not using the phone, you are probably being watched. Programmers explain it by the fact that the spyware on the phone works constantly. This way, it quickly drains the phone’s battery.

Problems with turning off the phone

Usually, when you turn off your phone, it closes all apps in the background. In this way, all your programs are safe, and the process of turning off the phone does not last long. But your phone is wrong if it turns off for much longer than usual.

In most cases, you immediately think the phone needs to be repaired, but it can be a snooping app. Usually, such programs force many resources on the phone to remain active and not turn off. For this reason, there may be a delay in turning off the phone.

Unknown programs

Although spies know how to hide their actions and remain invisible to you, it does not always work. Sometimes they can download additional tracking programs on your phone and thus expose themselves. So, how can someone track your phone in this way? Simply. The spy does it with the help of downloaded strange programs on your phone. It can be both an iPhone spying app and an app for android tracking.

Therefore, if you notice unknown programs that you have not downloaded, immediately delete them. Anything unknown on your phone is most likely spyware.

Sent text messages you did not send

It means you can see the SMS you did not send on your phone. And if you notice it, it suggests that it is spyware.

Also, you can expose spy work with the help of their sent text messages. Very often, spies send out strange links to get your information. How does it happen? You get an anonymous message, click on its link, and your IP address and other essential data are instantly sent to them. Therefore, if you notice spam messages, be sure that these are phone spies.

Changed web history

If you suspect spyware on your phone, check your web history. It is one of the ways how someone can track your phone. Usually, spies access the Internet through your phone and try to download spyware onto your device. Of course, they can use it to enter other queries on the Internet. For example:

  • They can send spam or commit malicious acts from your accounts to impersonate you. Therefore, if you notice a strange web history and are sure you have not typed it into your search, someone is tracking your device.
  • Snooping apps consume a lot of your information and are always active, so your phone can overheat and turn off for no reason. Spies work anonymously and try not to reveal themselves. 

However, if you are attentive to the little details on your phone, you can notice strange actions and poor performance of the phone. Therefore, if you suspect your device is being tracked, try to check it with the help of the above ways.

How can someone track your phone?

How can someone track your phone?

Modern devices are very functional and can support various programs and connections. So phone spies use these possibilities and try to track the actions of different phone users. So, how do they do it? They do this with the help of:

  1. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  2. IMSI “catchers”
  3. With the help of special programs

Previously, phones were used for making phone calls, but now we use them for work, saving information, accessing the Internet, and so on. Everyone has some photos, essential documents, or correspondence on their device, but we don’t know if saving them on the phone is always safe. It is because phone spies have a lot of schemes for tracking your phone, and each time they spy on a phone even more inconspicuously.

So, unfortunately, phones are not about privacy and protecting your information. And this is shown by the fact that every day people are faced with phone watching, which can happen so that you will never know about it.

It doesn’t matter whether you use an iPhone or an Android because spying is done with the help of special apps for tracking, which suit both phones. And it can be not only programs, as you can see from the above ways. Therefore, exposing spies is difficult because they have many ways to track you. But now, you know at least three ways how you can be monitored and protect your phone from them.

What are the snooping apps?

Here is a list of the most popular spyware:

  • mSpy
  • FlexiSPY
  • Mobix

If you notice any of them on your device, get rid of them immediately. It can lead to loss of your data and privacy issues. Usually, these apps connect to your phone anonymously, but sometimes you can expose these cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks are one of the biggest threats on the Internet and one of them is spyware. So, what is it?

  • It is snooping apps that are harmful programs for tracking mobile phones. Why is it harmful? Because they allow spies to save other people’s data, violate the privacy of others, and perform various actions from other phones. 
  • Also, such programs enable monitoring calls, SMS, and the location of tracked smartphones.
  • Like most malware, spyware enters a device without the user’s knowledge or permission. It is difficult to detect without antivirus software because it runs deep within your system. Snooping apps are not entirely reliable and can expose the spies themselves or work against the system. That is why when we notice strange things with our smartphones, we wonder, “is someone spying on my phone?”. And mostly because things like strange messages or other queries in your search engine indicate spyware.

Methods to remove spyware from your phone

Methods to remove spyware from your phone

Someone is tracking my phone. How can I get rid of it? It is a question most often asked by people who have noticed phone watching. And the first thing you should do in this case is to get rid of this as soon as possible. It will help to forbid spies from accessing your important information and not spy on a phone. So, you can remove it from the phone using the following methods:

Update your operating system

Your phone may not always have new updates, and sometimes you must wait for them. But if you have an update available, do it. It will help get rid of any spyware on your phone.

Although it doesn’t always work, it’s worth a try. When you update the operating system, your phone is wholly reactivated, and all apps start working with the latest update. In this way, spy programs on your phone can completely lose access to your data.

Reset to factory settings

Not everyone is ready to do this because when factory resetting, all your data is completely deleted. However, removing any snooping app is one of the best options. It helps get rid of all viruses and programs that follow you.

It is essential to make a backup copy of your data before doing so. It will help save important information on your phone’s cloud service, such as photos, videos, phone contacts, etc.

Use a particular program

There is a large selection of anti-spyware programs now. They are usually suitable for all phones. Therefore, if you have noticed a monitored phone, you should choose any type of such program for your phone. It can successfully remove all spyware from your phone and prevent it from being installed on your phone. 

You may not even search for a snooping app on your phone yourself because the anti-spyware program copes with it by itself. Additionally, such programs remove not only spyware but also viruses and other software tools to track you.

Remove the spyware yourself

You can solve this problem yourself. Both for Android and iPhone, it works similarly to avoiding tracking. Very often, spies can hide the spyware from your phone’s desktop, but it will still work. So you need to filter all apps on your device. So, you need to reboot your phone in safe mode first. After it turns on, go to the settings where there is a list of all your programs. So you can view all your apps and sort their list. If you find something strange or unfamiliar, delete it immediately.

All these methods can help you cope with spying on a phone. Each of them is easy and does not take much time. Therefore, you can choose the way that suits you best and use it.

How to avoid phone watching in the future?

Although many people become victims of stalking on their phones, there is a way out. For this, pay attention to the following ways how to avoid future cell phone spying:

Ways:What to do?
Turn off GPSGPS your location and constantly monitors your geolocation. Therefore, you need to disable this feature so phone spies can not find your information. We recommend turning off GPS not in specific programs but in general for the entire phone. So this method will work more reliably.
Use a VPNPhones connected to a VPN can not be tracked. It is an excellent way to protect your phone from spies. Why? Because a VPN can hide your IP address, the spies will not be able to access your data. You can download any VPN and select any server from another country that will reflect your location. This way, you can confuse the spy. Also, using a VPN helps break cookies and IP-related ad tracking tools.
Block the SIM cardEach sim card connects to nearby signal towers so you can make calls. However, with this connection, your location can be determined, and your phone activity can be tracked. So, to avoid this, you have a couple of options:
1. Block SIM card
2. Change the SIM card password
3. Change to a new SIM card
Any of these options will help you avoid being monitored on your phone by someone
Turn on airplane modeYou can use airplane mode if you need to block spies quickly from accessing your phone. To do this, turn on this feature in the phone setting. Airplane mode works like turning the phone off, but it remains active. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile communications are not accessible in flight mode. It means that spies will not be able to connect to your phone.
Turn off your cellphoneTurning off your phone blocks access to all your data. This method can be used when you need to make your phone inaccessible for a particular time. But when you turn your phone back on, you need to use another method to prevent access to your phone. For this, you can use a VPN or turn off GPS.

Although spy actions are not always visible to us, they can be prevented. And our ways will help you avoid future cell phone spying in this case. Therefore, if you suspect spyware on your phone, we recommend contacting VpnXpert for help.

VpnXpert specializes in VPN, privacy, and cyber security. We know all about ways that can help you to avoid phone spies. Often our devices fall under the control of other people, but we know the solution to this. So if you face such problems, vpnXpert will help ensure your privacy and protect you with the best options.

Why can vpnXpert help you?

VpnXpert tests each VPN and verifies its security level. Before providing this information, we test VPNs for speed, protection level, number of servers, and many other things you can find on our website.  

VPN is precisely the tool that allows you to outwit any spy and protect your privacy. On our website, you can analyze each VPN in detail and choose a suitable option. The main thing when you suspect phone tracking is not to panic and think better than a spy. But even if your information falls into the hands of criminals, we are here to help you.


  1. Can someone track my phone by texting me?

    Yes, they can do it with the right software. The text message they send you contains the information the spy needs to track your data. Your IP address and other confidential details are sent there. So, you need to be careful with text messages from strangers.

  2. How do I know if my phone is being tracked?

    You can know it when you notice sending unknown SMS from your accounts on social networks. You can see this when unknown programs you have not downloaded appear on your phone. It is also manifested by the fact that your browser history has requests you did not enter.

  3. Can someone track me with my phone number?

    Of course. Your phone number is the first thing that can be used to track you. Anyone with your phone number can track your location. Your number is the easiest way for a spy to track your data.

  4. How do I stop my phone from being tracked?

    If you want to stop tracking completely, you can disable this feature. First, open your phone’s settings, go to “Location”, and turn it off. There are separate settings if you need to turn off “Location” in a particular app. For this, find the program you need and select: allow all the time, only while using the app, ask every time, or don’t allow.

  5. What phones can’t be tracked?

    Phones which are connected to a VPN or which have a blocked card can not be tracked. It is because a VPN hides your IP address, and, in this way, it is impossible to track your geolocation. And a blocked SIM card can not provide a connection to signal for spies. So, these two things make tracking impossible.