IPVanish – Plenty of servers across the globe

IPVanish is a VPN-provider that offer their customers to use its more than 1,600 servers spread over the entire world. More specifically, they are distributed between 75 countries on all continents. All in all, this means that IPVanish can offer over 40,000 IP addresses to their customers.

This means that you can use VPN from IPVanish to avoid geo-blocking and thereby access content and data in nearly every part of the world.

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Buy a storage solution

A large plus for IPVanish is that it is not just a VPN solution. It also offers a storage solution, which is called SugarSync Storage.

If you choose to buy the VPN product with SugarSync Storage, you get not only a great VPN solution but also a secure place to store your files. You receive an encrypted storage solution where you can manage your files in every possible way.

You can control and edit your files via an app, you can control who gets to access the files, and you get an encrypted backup system and, finally an automatic synchronising function.

ipvanish vpn

Good and secure VPN

The VPN service offers, like other VPN’s, protection and anonymity when you are online.

IPVanish promise secure Wi-Fi access, anonymous internet browsing, full privacy regarding location and IP address, as well as advanced encryption for your data when you are online.

Therefore, you can safely connect to a public Wi-Fi network with an encrypted connection. This is often where unprotected users take a risk since both companies, authorities and people with bad motives can watch what you do and which passwords you use.

Be anonymous with a fake IP address

IPVanish can provide new IP addresses for your devices. This means that your identity and your location is invisible to others – for instance, companies, authorities or other private individuals.

You can also get around geo-blocking and access data and content all over the world, where your real location would block you from digital access. This means that you can, for instance, stream the newest TV series that might only be available in the US.

You might also experience that some content will be censored to you because of your location. This is, of course, in relation to the local laws of the different countries and regions. However, IPVanish promise greater freedom online, where you can get an uncensored online experience.

IPVanish do not need to know anything about you

If you are nervous about selling out your identity and your sensitive personal data when you want a provider’s help to anonymise and secure you online, you do not need to worry when you choose IPVanish.

IPVanish have a policy regarding not logging anything about you – that being your information, your online activity or the locations from which you connect to IPVanish’s servers.

IPVanish prices 2023

The price is a point where IPVanish can really compete with many of the other VPN solution providers.

When you enter the site with an overview of the company’s prices, you need to really start thinking, as all the prices are in American dollars. You can, of course, use a tool for this instead. But after calculating the prices, you will find that it is really affordable. However, be aware that the large number is the payment for the first month, and that the price will increase afterwards.

You can choose to subscribe for one month at a time. By choosing this solution, you will pay around DKK 21 for the first month. As mentioned earlier, you can also purchase the SugarSync Storage solution on top, which will up the price to around DKK 23.5 per month. After this, the prices will be DKK 61 and DKK 67, respectively.

You can also choose to subscribe for an entire year at a time. This will, of course, save you money. When paying yearly, it comes out to about DKK 16 per month on average for the VPN solution from IPVanish. If you wish to purchase SugarSync Storage as well, it comes to about DKK 18 per month for the first year. Afterwards, the prices increase to DKK 548 and DKK 610 respectively. Please note that you will need to pay for a year at a time.

30 days right of return on a yearly subscription

As a nice service, IPVanish gives you the opportunity of getting a refund should you not be 100% satisfied with the product. You can get this within 30 days of your payment. Please note that this is only applicable if you have purchased a yearly subscription.

Available customer service

IPVanish have existed for more than eight years and is an established player on the VPN provider market. One point where IPVanish stand out is when it comes to their customer service. You can contact one of their employees, who will help you at any time during the day – every day of the week.

And as if that is not enough, you can both use phone call, and email and even a chat message when you need personal assistance from IPVanish. This is definitely a plus, and it increases the availability and improves customer satisfaction.

You need to master either English, Brazilian Portuguese, German or Spanish in order to speak to customer support.

FAQ – IPVanish

  1. How many devices can you use IPVanish on?

    There are no limits to the number of devices using IPVanish. You can have them all safe and secure at once. The SugarSync Storage solution also allows you to synchronise files and data on an unlimited number of devices. 

  2. Is IPVanish cheaper or more expensive than other solutions?

    IPVanish's prices are not stated in Danish kroner, but after conversion from dollars to kroner, it is clear that IPVanish offers one of the cheapest VPN solutions on the market.

  3. Is IPVanish easy to use on mobile devices?

    It really is! IPVanish have developed a good and user-friendly application that you can download for your mobile devices. Through these, you can easily use the service and make sure that your security is always the best it can be.