How To Download App With Vpn

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts your data, sending it to an external server through a secure tunnel. From there, the data travels to the internet. In doing this, your visible I.P. address changes to one assigned by the VPN, and as a result, you get secure, anonymized internet access.

If you wish to gain access the internet safely, securely, and anonymously, then the first step is to identify a reliable VPN and then download the VPN.

However, not all VPNs are created equal, and some may not work well with certain apps. This article will look at how VPNs work and how to download one. We will also discuss whether VPNs can be used to download apps. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Why Do You Need a VPN to Change Your Region?

You’ll need to change your Play Store region if you want to download an app that’s only available in another country. Apps are geo-locked to the country where they were downloaded, so if you try to download a US-only app from the U.K., for example, you won’t be able to do it.

When you connect to a VPN, your traffic is routed through a server in another country. That means your I.P. address will be changed, and you’ll be able to access apps that are otherwise geo-locked. That’s because the Play Stores use your I.P. address to figure out where you are.

Of course, there are other reasons why you might want to use a VPN:

  • Maybe you want to keep your browsing private.
  • Or you need to access a website only available in certain countries.

Either way, a VPN can help.

Can You Use A VPN To Download Apps Not Available in Your Country?

If you’re looking to download an app unavailable in your country, there’s a workaround. You can use a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, to trick your device into thinking it’s in another region. This process is relatively simple, and there are several VPNs you can use.

The procedure is simple and follows the pattern below:

  • First, you’ll need to sign up for a VPN service. We recommend ExpressVPN, as it offers fast speeds and reliable connections. 
  • Once you’ve signed up for a service, download the VPN app on your device.
  • Open the app and connect to a server in the country where the app is available. For example, if you’re trying to download an app that’s only available in the U.S., you’ll need to connect to a U.S. server.
  • Once connected to the VPN, open the Play Store and search for the app you want to download.
  • The app should now be available for download.

N.B. Keep in mind that some apps may not work correctly with a VPN, so you may need to disconnect from the VPN to use them.

BONUS TIP. You can also use a VPN to access blocked apps in your country. For example, if you’re trying to download a gambling app, but it’s not available in your country, you can connect to a server in another country where it is available. Just remember to disconnect from the VPN when you’re done using the app, as gambling online is usually illegal in most countries.

How Can I Download an App From Another Country?

How Can I Download an App From Another Country?

Above, we have described the general steps for you to be able to download games from countries inaccessible to you using a VPN. Now we would like to take a closer look at how to correctly download them from other countries using Google Play and Apple Store. The two app stores are quite different in terms of design, content, and system operation, although they are both designed for downloading apps and games.

They have their fundamental differences, which we will pay attention to.

Unfortunately, bypassing a game-blocking VPN cannot always bring positive results. So, for example, there are several nuances, like linking a region to an account and launching an application with the same VPN and country with which you downloaded the game.

All these factors greatly influence the gaming experience and can significantly improve or worsen it.

How to Use the App Store With a VPN?

How to Use the App Store With a VPN?

If you live outside of the United States, you may not be able to access the full range of apps available on the U.S. App Store. This is because many app developers only make their applications available in certain countries. However, you can use a VPN to download them from other regions.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Download and install a VPN app on your device. We recommend ExpressVPN or NordVPN.
  • Connect to a server in the country where you want to download apps from. For example, connect to a U.S. server if you want to download apps from the U.S. App Store.
  • Launch the App Store and search for the app you want to download.
  • Tap the “Get” or “Download” button to download the app.
  • Once the download is complete, you can disconnect from the VPN and launch the app.

Remember, you must connect to the VPN whenever you want to download apps from a different region. So, if you wish to download it from multiple countries, connect to the VPN each time you switch regions.

However, sometimes this step may not be enough. A feature of the Apple Store is that its system uses a regional account binding.

This means that when registering an Apple ID, you must indicate the region of your residence. After this, you complete the registration and can download anything. However, all this does not allow a VPN to work as it should. Sometimes, even when using VPNs with the Apple Store, the application will remain inaccessible since a certain country is already linked to your account. How to solve it?

There are three ways to resolve the issue, namely:

  • The Simple Method: This involves changing the country in your account settings. However, you will have to add your payment details constantly. This step is not for you if you don’t trust the store with your credit cards.
  • The Average Method: This involves using different accounts with different countries. To do this, look for the best apps available in other countries and sign up for many accounts with different locations. When you download games, switch between versions. However, in this case, it is better to read Apple’s policy regarding multi-accounts.
  • The Difficult Method: This involves searching for a VPN that works with everything. A VPN like this will enable you download games from another country.

How to Use Google Play with a VPN?

How to Use Google Play with a VPN?

If you want to download apps from other regions, a VPN can be a great way to do so. Here’s a quick guide on how to use Google Play with a VPN:

  • First, you’ll need to sign up for a VPN service. We recommend ExpressVPN, as it offers fast speeds and reliable connections.
  • Once you’ve signed up for a VPN, download and install the app on your device, open it and connect to a server in the country where you want to access Google Play.
  • Now open the Google Play Store and start browsing for apps with a VPN! You should now be able to download apps that are only available in other countries.

Happy downloading!

If you suddenly have an error and nothing works, deleting the cache and history of the Google Play Store can help.

How to Find the Best VPN?

The procedure for finding the best VPN is quite simple. You only need to read articles on the best VPNs for 2022, how to use them, or how to bypass the regional block using VPNs. By reading the articles, you can get the best knowledge in the anonymity field and try it in practice without making mistakes and damaging your device.  

After doing that, select a few VPNs and test them on your device. However, in doing so, use a reliable hotspot and do not use sensitive data.


  1. Is Google Play Store blocked in my country?

    In China, yes. Furthermore, Google bans access to several of its business services (such as YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, and Maps) in specific nations or areas, including Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Pakistan, and nearly all Arab countries. YouTube and Gmail are both forbidden in some places too.

  2. Can I switch my Google Play Store country without a credit card?

    No, you must always enter your billing information when changing areas. They can, however, be erased following registration.

  3. Сan I use VPN to download games from other countries in the App Store?

    You certainly can. However, keep in mind that VPNs may not always function with this store, and you may need to alter the region inside the account's settings.

  4. How to download apps with VPN?

    Here's a basic guide to getting started:
    1. Install a VPN application on your smartphone.
    2. Connect to a server in the region where you wish to download apps using the VPN app.
    3. Search for the app you wish to download on the Google Play Store.
    4. The program will begin downloading after you click the “Install” button.
    5. When the download is finished, you may activate the app and begin using it.