• Charges a full year subscription if you do not cancel before your seven-day trial period expires
  • Does not necessarily offer the lowest prices

Hide My Ass was founded in 2005, and since then, the VPN provider has grown a lot, and they offer the best VPN solution, good customer service and relatively low prices.

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Hide My ASS – Prices 2023

Hide My Ass only offers plans of 12 or 36 months. This will get you a desirable price.

If you pay yearly, you will pay £3.29 on average, and if you dare go for a three-year subscription, you will get the price down to £2.39 on average per month. However, all the packages are paid at once, so it will come to £39.48 and £86.04 for one year and three years, respectively.

hide my ass prices

Five or 10 simultaneous connections

The abovementioned prices cover Hide My Ass’ VPN product that can cover five connections operating simultaneously. This should cover the need for most homes, but if you have a greater need, they also have a solution for you.

Hide My Ass can also be bought for up to 10 connections that operate simultaneously. This way, you can go crazy with streaming and gaming for both you, your family and your friends in privacy and security.

If you want 10 simultaneous connections, you need to choose this when you are choosing your subscription with Hide My Ass. Here, the prices for one year, two years and three years are DKK 59, DKK 49 and DKK 45 as an average monthly price. Here you will also pay for the entire subscription period at once.

Free trial period but stay alert

Hide My Ass advertise that you can get a free trial version. Here you need to be aware that you will get seven days of free VPN service, whereafter you are automatically charged for a 12-month subscription. 

It might be a good idea to try out the product for a month, but it is important to keep in mind that it can be quite expensive if you end up not wanting the product and you haven’t cancelled your subscription before the eighth day.

Use Hide My Ass on all your devices

Hide My Ass can be downloaded and installed on every device you can think of that operates online. Hide My Ass is compatible with nearly any well-known operating system, which means that you can use the VPN service on both Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, on your PlayStation, your Xbox, your Apple TV, as well as in different browsers.

Hide My Ass do not log anything about you

You have probably heard about this before: Always be aware of the services that log your personal information online that they can later use to make money, target ads or other things. Furthermore, this is a risk should your information get leaked.

And it is always good to stay alert – also when you’re looking for good VPN software.

Here, Hide My Ass is a safe choice. They have a policy that they do not log any of your data at all. With the one condition that certain anonymous data will be logged for 35 days, whereafter they are permanently deleted from the servers.

The data this covers is the date for when you connect as well as the time of day you connect. This is, according to Hide My Ass, in order to help troubleshoot and improve customer service.

Furthermore, the amount of data up to the nearest hundred MB is registered. Hide My Ass promise that it does not know about the specific data, but it is only used to provide knowledge of the amount of data in order to optimise the company’s servers and network capacity.

You can be sure to keep everything to yourself, like your original IP address, your DNS requests, your general activity online (what you stream, where you surf, programmes you are running, and a lot more), as well as exactly how much data and the precise time of your connection.

Collaboration with independent consultancy

In order to ensure their customers that the company’s policies on logging the data of users are met, Hide My Ass are cooperating with the independent cyber risk consultancy VerSprite. VerSprite have then gone through VPN from Hide My Ass and verified and helped ensure the highest quality of security and privacy for the customers. Even for Hide My Ass, you will be completely anonymous.

All over the world with high speed and security

Hide My Ass promise versatility, high security and super-fast connections. This is ensured by having established a ton of servers spread around nearly every country of the world. More than 210 countries have either a physical or virtual Hide My Ass server, and you can access data from all over the world by passing their geo-blocking systems. This also ensures high speed for the customers. The server speed is said to be 20 Gbps.

In order to ensure the highest level of security, Hide My Ass uses OpenVPN (via UDP and TCP) and IPsec/IKEv2-protocols and well as 256-bit AES-encryption.

FAQ – Hide My Ass

  1. Why do Hide My Ass use virtual servers?

    Hide My Ass wants to be present anywhere on the planet. It is, however, not possible – or at least very difficult – to store physical servers in all countries since some countries have laws that make this difficult. That is why virtual servers are used in these countries and regions, and they do function the same way as a physical server.

  2. How does Hide My Ass’ customer service work?

    Hide My Ass are definitely focused on providing great customer service for their paying customers. They promise to be available 24 hours a day – seven days a week. However, customer service is via email which makes the response time longer. They have no chat function for the customers. There is, however, a community section where their users can help each other.

  3. Does Hide My Ass provide VPN for business?

    Definitely! Hide My Ass states that more than 800 business make use of their VPN solution. There are special products geared towards corporate customers and also special price packages. Hide My Ass concern themselves with being a product for companies of every size and with every need and budget.