• Goose VPN has servers in only 25 countries
  • One of the more expensive VPN services

Limited server network

When it comes to their network of servers, Goose VPN come up a bit short compared to some of their competitors. Where other VPN services can offer servers in nearly any country across the globe, Goose VPN only offers servers in 25 different countries.

These servers are mainly in Europe and in North America, but there are also some servers in parts of Asia and in Australia.

This means that you do not have unlimited access to tricking websites or services in terms of your locations. If you, for instance, had planned to get an Argentinian IP address in order to watch their Netflix, this might prove difficult with Goose VPN.

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Goose VPN offers two different packages of their product

  1. Goose VPN Pro
  2. Goose VPN Basic

You can also choose whether you want to pay monthly or yearly. By choosing to pay for a year at a time, there is money to be saved.

Goose VPN Pro can be purchased one month at a time, in which case it costs DKK 97 per month. If, however, you decide to pay for Goose VPN for a year at a time, you will be charged DKK 662. That is a saving of nearly DKK 500 by paying the fee yearly.

If you are more interested in Goose VPN Basic, this will cost you DKK 74 per month if you choose to renew your subscription each month. If you commit to a year, you will pay DKK 439. This is a saving of nearly DKK 450.

This VPN-provider definitely offers their product at affordable prices. While their short-term subscriptions are slightly more expensive than average, you can save a lot of money by paying yearly – whether you choose the Pro or the Basic package.

Goose VPN prices

The difference between the two product packages

The differences between a Pro package and a Basic package are not overwhelming, so let’s take a closer look at the things the two packages hold in common.

No matter which package you buy, you will receive a week-long free trial with the Pro-package. Furthermore, both product packages come with an unlimited number of devices that can be supported by the VPN solution. Finally, Goose VPN promises both Pro and Basic customers a customer service team that is always ready to help.

What the Pro-package can offer, in contrast to the Basic-package, however, are immediate notifications when something unsafe is happening through the internet connection your device might be connected to. This is definitely a nice feature, should this happen.

Furthermore, the Pro-package also comes with other functions that you would otherwise find in antivirus software. You will receive protection against both malware, ransomware and virus on your computer or portable device.

As the last difference, the Pro-package will get you a weekly security report for your device that will be able to tell you what you might have done that could put you at potential risk over the past week. This is a great service that provides you with the possibility of giving your online habits a security check when using the internet and public networks.

Goose VPN free trial

Get Goose VPN for most of your devices

Goose VPN has made sure that you will not only be able to enjoy the best VPN system on your computer at home, that you might only be using it for a couple of hours per week when heavy, work-related software is in use. Goose VPN have developed their programme to be able to work on the most popular operating systems.

Whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux, you can use Goose VPN. And for your portable devices, the service works with both Android and iOS. You can also use Goose VPN for protecting your router and your Android TV.

The versatility is great; however, a few devices are not supported such as the PlayStation and Xbox as well as Apple TV and Chromecast.

FAQ -Goose VPN

  1. Can you try out Goose VPN before signing up for the company’s paid products?

    Yes. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the first week is free whether you purchase the Pro or the Basic-package. During this week, you will receive all the features that come with Goose VPN Pro.
    After the seven-day trial period, you will automatically begin paying for your product. But even after you have been charged, you have 14 days right of cancellation where you can change or cancel your subscription. 

  2. You mention that Goose VPN does not have a lot of servers – what does this mean?

    This has significance to your use of Goose VPN. Your possibilities of avoiding geo-blocking are limited because they only have 25 servers across the world.
    However, Goose VPN do write on their website that they constantly work towards expanding their server network and that you can contact customer service at any time and make them create a new P2P server, which will most often happen within a few days.

  3. Will Goose VPN log everything about me and my activity?

    No, you don’t have to worry about that. Goose VPN write on their website that they do not log their customers’ information, connections or activities.