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Are you looking for a good VPN that guarantees high security and useful features? Then there are several good reasons for you to try BlackVPN. Because, as you have probably already noticed, there are loads of different VPN services to choose from on the market.

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Benefits of choosing BlackVPN

On their website, BlackVPN points out that they offer unlimited speed at all hours of the day. You can use up to 100 Mbps, which guarantees a stable and fast speed. In addition to this, servers directly dedicated to BlackVPN members are used.

For security reasons, they use AES-256 encryption as well as RSA certificates the moment you connect to OpenVPN. In addition to this, all their VPN servers are located in the physical locations provided. Currently, there are 18 different countries – including 20 VPN locations and 31 VPN servers.

BlackVPN mentions several benefits of downloading the service, but it is important that you first and foremost consider your own needs for a VPN service. Among other things, you must decide for yourself which services you need, as well as on which services you want to use a VPN. It is also a good idea to consider speed, as speed determines how fast you can stream. Here, it is clearly an advantage if the VPN service has a speed that matches your internet speed to achieve the best conditions for good VPN experiences.


What does it cost?

Unfortunately, BlackVPN is not a free VPN service, which means you have to decide on a subscription package.
You can choose between four different packages at different prices. They are:

  1. The Privacy package that hides your IP address and downloads
  2. The Global Package that allows you to connect to other global servers around the world
  3. The TV package that allows you to stream content on different channels
  4. The Single Server, which allows you to connect through a single server

Whichever package you choose, you will get a 14-day warranty as well as instant setup on all devices. This is an advantage for those who would like to try out the subscription to ensure that the service works as it should. You can pay with either debit cards, PayPal, bank transfer, gift cards, cryptocurrencies or e-wallets.

What users around the world think about the service differs a bit. Therefore, it is always important that you familiarise yourself thoroughly with the provider in question before making a decision and purchasing a subscription.

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Devices you can use your VPN for

You can choose to use your VPN on several different devices. For example, Windows, Mac or Android. It differs from package to package whether you can also stream TV from the US and/or the UK. You also have the option of receiving a three-day free trial of the service if you are unsure about having chosen the right subscription package.

You can, however, rest assured that BlackVPN will protect your anonymity no matter what package you choose and where you are in the world. The service helps to protect you from spam, hacking and damage, so that you can both protect your privacy when you go online and experience the internet without being subject to censorship. If you require more practical information about the service, you should consider contacting customer support.

About BlackVPN

Before we start reviewing the VPN, a good starting point would be to explain the most general information about the VPN service. It works in such a way that you can maintain private surfing online by BlackVPN making sure to hide your IP address. In addition to this, the service is secure and also provides access to blocking, so you can avoid censorship and blockages on various sites.

BlackVPN originates from Hong Kong and it is still run and owned by the same founders who set up the service back in 2009. Common for the team behind the service is that they are all certified IT geeks. And for that very reason, they are passionate about maintaining a certain level of confidentiality and, not least, their digital rights when they go online. Therefore, it has become a common goal to maintain the online freedom that the VPN service gives them. The aim, therefore, is to take part in the fight against governments and global corporations trying to remove online freedom.

The overall review of BlackVPN is that the service is an obvious choice if you are looking for fast and stable speed, as well as secure protection of your privacy online. However, it can be complicated to make the choice as to whether it should be one or the other package if you do not have a vast experience with VPN services beforehand. It can also be a con that it is a payment service, unless you use your VPN daily, and in all contexts, when you go online. As a starting point, it can be a lot of money to throw after a subscription, if you do not use the service enough.

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FAQ – BlackVPN

  1. Why should I get a BlackVPN?

    There are several reasons why it might be a good idea to consider BlackVPN. First and foremost, you are guaranteed privacy and anonymity, so you can surf the web without considering whether your internet provider can see what you are looking at. For many users, this will feel safe. You also increase your security by choosing a VPN service. This is because a VPN is a secure and encrypted Internet connection that protects sensitive personal information, which makes you better protected against cybercrime.

  2. Can I try BlackVPN for free?

    You have the option of getting a free trial period of three days if you would like to test out how it works and whether the service is something for you.

  3. Is it legal?

    As long as you do not live in China or North Korea, where there may be different rules in place, it is legal to download a VPN service.