A lot of people use VPNs every day to get complete privacy on the web, to access banned content in their area or to have the ability to get lower regional prices. But many of us didn’t know about the simple yet valuable VPN feature. And this is – a kill switch.

A VPN kill switch is a valuable tool for anyone who uses a private network. If you’re not familiar with the term, it is a feature that automatically shuts down your internet connection if your network fails. This ensures that your data remains protected and inaccessible to hackers or anyone else who might be snooping around. Here we’ll discuss a VPN kill switch, why you need one, and how to set it up on your device.

What Are the Types of VPN Kill Switch and How Does It Work?

What Are the Types of VPN Kill Switch and How Does It Work

To understand how it works, you should find out how VPN works. It creates a data tunnel between your local network and a remote server at another location. When your device is connected to a VPN, your web activity will be associated with your private network server’s IP address instead of your actual IP. 

This gives the impression to others that you are in another area – and hides your actual position. Furthermore, it conceals your browser history and web activities, which might include critical information such as passwords and bank account details. VPNs render this information unreadable by encrypting the data you send and receive over a Wi-Fi network.

Here’s the issue. If you lose your internet connection – and hence your VPN server – your laptop, smartphone, or another device will most likely revert to the public IP address issued by your home Internet Service Provider. This implies that your online activity, browsing history, IP address, and location may become accessible and tracked by others at any time.

A VPN kill switch function increases security by preventing this abrupt and unexpected exposure. But how exactly? There is a solution!

By promptly removing you from the internet if your IP address changes or you lose VPN connectivity.

N.B. Keep in mind that not all VPN companies include this feature, so remember it while selecting the private network provider that’s best for you.

Also, while some VPN providers may include preactivated kill switches, many of them are not activated automatically. If that’s the case, you’ll need to manually start it in your client.

Types of VPN Kill Switch

They are classified into two types:

  1. A system-wide kill switch disables all internet traffic if the VPN connection is lost.
  2. A selective kill switch solely prevents internet traffic from specific applications or services.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

  • System-wide is the most secure solution since they give the most security. It can, however, be inconvenient since it restricts all internet traffic, even if the VPN connection is operational.
  • Because they only restrict internet traffic from specific apps or services, selective kill switches are less disruptive. However, because they do not stop all internet traffic, they give less security than system-wide.

No matter which type you use, you can be sure that your privacy and data are always protected.

Are There Any Downsides to Using a VPN Kill Switch?

There are a few drawbacks to employing this instrument in your device, which includes:

  • Disruptive: A turned-on kill switch can be annoying because it can block the internet connection, even if the VPN is operational. 
  • Limited protection: Because it does not prevent all internet traffic, it only provides limited security.

Despite these drawbacks, a VPN kill switch is a must-have tool that nearly everyone should have. It is a useful tool for protecting your privacy and increasing your security.

What Are the Benefits of Using a VPN Kill Switch?

There are several advantages to employing this technology, including:

  • Privacy protection: It ensures that your data is never exposed, even if the VPN connection is lost.
  • Increasing security: A kill switch stops data leaks and keeps hackers and other harmful attackers from accessing your information.
  • Improving speed: By preventing internet traffic from being routed to the internet when the VPN connection is terminated, a kill switch can enhance the performance of your VPN.

When Should I Activate a VPN Kill Switch?

It activates when the VPN connection drops. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • The VPN server is down or unresponsive.
  • The internet connection is lost.
  • The VPN client software crashes.

When these things happen, the kill switch will block all internet traffic to prevent your data from being exposed.

How to Set Up a VPN Kill Switch?

To configure it correctly, go through the following steps:

  1. Choose a VPN service that has a kill switch.
  2. Install the private network client software on your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.
  3. Use this application to connect to a server.
  4. Enable the kill switch option in the settings menu.
  5. That’s it!

Keep in mind that not all VPN providers have a kill switch. It is recommended that you read the app’s description before downloading.

Dangers of Using a VPN Without a Kill Switch

Without a kill switch, your internet data would be exposed to anyone who might be able to intercept it. This includes hackers, government agencies, and even your internet service provider.

As a result, you should try to use a private network every time you use your internet to maintain secure and reliable operations.

Who Should Use a VPN Kill Switch?

While an unexpected loss of VPN access may not be the end of the world for most people, certain people demand this level of privacy at all times. Those that must use a VPN kill switch include:

  • Celebrities or other media active people who do not wish their location to be revealed. They also don’t like being tracked and followed. 
  • P2P connection also requires IP masking. As a result, if you are using it, it’s better to install the VPN.
  • The lawyers and social workers having access to sensitive data on their computers must care for its protection. 
  • Users that want to remain anonymous when downloading torrents since doing so may be prohibited in their own country.

How to Choose the Best Kill Switch VPN?

How to Choose the Best Kill Switch VPN

A kill switch is an essential feature that almost everyone should have. It is a valuable tool that can protect your privacy and enhance your security. If you do not have it, you should consider setting one up.

There are a few factors to consider while selecting a kill switch VPN, including:

  • Reliability: The best kill switch VPNs are dependable and prevent internet traffic from being routed to the internet if the VPN connection is lost.
  • Security: They offer more protection by preventing all internet traffic if the VPN connection is lost.
  • Using: The best kill switch VPNs are simple to set up and operate.

The best instrument combines these features to deliver the maximum level of data protection. Therefore, the most appropriate option would be to choose exactly the tool that will combine all three features at once.


As a result, when choosing a kill switch VPN, there are a few things to keep in mind, including ease of use, security, and reliability. The best kill switch VPNs offer a combination of these features to provide the highest level of protection for your data.

You can choose the best VPN or proxy service for you by comparing various VPNs thoroughly with the help of internet articles. This will also educate you on how to gain access to restricted content and push the boundaries. You could, for example, read how to access BBC iPlayer from anywhere on the earth and choose the best VPN for this.


  1. Which VPN has a kill switch?

    Popular VPNs like NordVPN, VyprVPN, and Surfshark have it, among other VPNs. These VPN service providers are highly focused on delivering premium security, so their kill switch feature is reliable. You can pick any of them and be sure that your IP will not be exposed.

  2. Should you turn on the VPN kill switch?

    Yes, because you never know when you can lose your internet connection and your data becomes vulnerable.

  3. How does a kill switch work?

    A killswitch is a simple emergency-off switch that turns off the internet with a click. It acts as a simple safety mechanism enabling the user to save his data and security. It shuts down all the running systems without causing any damage to personal information.

  4. Why do I need a kill switch?

    VPN kill switches are necessary because they protect your privacy when the unexpected happens, and at some point, it usually does. If your VPN connection drops, your computer or device will likely default back to the IP address of your ISP.